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Circle Trivets Vector Coaster Scroll Saw Patterns

Decorative trivet coaster circle vector designs. free, eps, dxf, cdr, png files.

In case you don’t want to damage your kitchen surfaces, you need to have a trivet. We have prepared 4 different trivet design for you to do so. Trivet should have air channels in order to distribute the heat. We have paid attention to this in our design. You will also have decorative goods for your table and kitchen with these templates.

You can prefer any wood material you want for crafting trivet. You have plenty of options for this. Then you need to have a scroll saw. Scroll saw is a great choice for you wood crafting work. We mainly prefer scroll saw and Dremel for hobby purposes in-house. You will need some time to get used to cut with the scroll saw. Then its fine saw cutter will allow you to perform even the most sensitive pattern cutting work. It also makes very little noise in the house environment. Thus, you will not disturb your neighbors.

Scroll Saw Trivets Free Pdf Woodworking Patterns

You need to print the designs before you start to work. Download the free designs we provide for you. You can even re-scale these drawings later on. Print these files. Then adhere the files you printed to the material. Open holes in the areas where you will cut with your saw in order to let them cut. Cut your material by following the lines. Then clear the roughness with sandpaper that occurs after cutting will be completed. Complete the process by applying thin varnish. This is all. You can even craft beverage coaster by scaling these designs. You need to use thinner wood material for this. Thus, you will have a coaster set which will be compatible with your trivet.

Free Download Pattern to Make a Trivet, Hot Pad, Coaster.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

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