Project Description

Elephant Phone And Pencil Holder Laser Cut Diy Idea

Phone and pen holder dxf and cdr cutting file for Laser cutters. A design plan that can be a great laser cutting product sample.

With the spread of laser wood cutters, the variety of laser cut wood and acrylic products has increased considerably. In order to support this sector, we publish sample drawings for making laser cutting products. These drawings can also create ideas for different laser cutting objects in mind. This is our main goal. To be an inspiration for the laser cutting industry…

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In this project, we have designed a sample of a laser cutting product that can be used as a phone holder and pen holder. This object in elephant form is a two in one product. You can use it on your desk or in your office. You can create this decorative object with wood quality material such as plywood, mdf and balsa. The construction is quite simple and easy; all you need is a laser cutting machine to cut the wood.

Elephant Phone and Pen Holder has a total of 9 pieces.  Cutting lines are not complicated and long. You can easily merge these 9 pieces to complete the 3D object. One of the advantages of laser cutting machines is that they perform rapid and serial cutting. This product sample can give you an idea of how to produce products fast and make quick money with laser cutting machines.

Phone and pencil holder laser cutting plan download free.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

Sizes of laser cut 3D Photo Frame Design :

Width : 15,9 Cm (6.26 inches)
Height: 9,8 Cm (3,86 inches)
Depth: 8,3 Cm (3,27 inches)
Thickness: 4 mm (0,157 inches)

Elephant Phone And Pencil Holder Laser Cutting Product Sample