Black fire flame shapes stencil vector drawings. Fire flame clipart graphic design.png, dxf and eps file.

Stencil vector pack consisting of fire flame shapes drawings. Outline flame template PDF file that you can download for free along with black flame clipart files. Moreover, the files of these designs are printable and cuttable. You can use them as graphic files or as digital cutting files.

In ancient times, people regarded fire as one of the four basic elements necessary for life, along with air, water and earth. The fact that fire is one of the basic elements of life can also be found in other ancient culture beliefs. In addition, the cult of fire is symbolically important in many religions in different cultures and geographies.

The first humans must have taken fire inspiration from natural events. The burning heat of the sun, forest fires, lightning or volcanoes… However, different cultures have put forward many legends about the origin of fire. According to what is told in these legends, gods gave fire to humans or humans stole fire from the gods. According to some, a hero brought fire to earth. In some narratives, Fire itself is a god or goddess or a sign of the god’s power. According to the proposition of some beliefs, fire is a being with a spirit. Whichever of these statements is true, fire has always been important to people since the beginning of humanity.

In this project, we publish the vector drawing package with ten different fire flame silhouette shapes that we have prepared for our visitors in eight different downloadable file formats. You can download different files of these images and use them for different purposes.

There are printable outline flame templates inside the PDF file. After printing this file on your printer, you can use the output you get as a cutting pattern. You can make DIY flame stencils using these templates. You can transfer the images on these stencils to different surfaces with the airbrush technique.

Fire flame EPS, PNG, and SVG files are graphic vector files. Black flame PNG file is transparent and high resolution. If you are looking for black flame clipart file for your graphic projects, you can download it. If you want to scale these images without loss of resolution, you must download the SVG and EPS file. You can also use the flame silhouette design SVG file as a digital cut file. Thus, you can get t shirt printing, sticker, decal or vinyl from these images.

Flame DXF and DWG files are CAD drawings. If you are looking for a flame CAD block file to use in software such as Autocad, these may meet your needs.

Download Free Fire Flames Silhouette Illustrations Now

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

Fire flame drawing outline template. Printable Fire flame cut out PDF pattern to print.
Laser Cut Fire Flame Cut out Cut File
Fire-flame silhouette free SVG cut files. Fire flame graphic images
Fire Flames Autocad Dwg CAD Block File