Project Description

Laser Cnc Wall Shelf Plan

Wall Shelf pattern for CNC Laser cutting machines. You can cut this design off from materials such as wood, mdf, plywood and acrylic.

The decoration options you can use for your walls are limited. These may be an object such as a wall clock, a mirror frame or a picture frame. In this project, we have drawn a wall shelf with classical floral motifs. This will be a good idea for interior decoration

Wall Shelves are usually used to display decorative objects such as flowers, figures, candles and ornaments. If you’re thinking of a wall shelf for a wall of your house, it should also have a decorative look. Moreover, the color of the materials you choose should be in harmony with the color of your wall. If your wall has a dark color, you should use a light colored material. If you have a wall in light tones, you should use a dark material.

This design was inspired by a scroll saw project from Patrick E. Spielman and Loren Raty. It has been adapted to Co2 Laser cutting and CNC router machines. It cannot be used commercially. We are making commercial productions with laser cutting machines and cnc routers. With these machines, we produce unique products in series. But, I still use scroll saw for craft. I can’t give up this hobby. The main goal of this project was to introduce a work by Patrick E. Spielman and Loren Raty. I recommend you to get pattern books from these artists. With these patterns, you can make a lot of unique decorative objects. You can take up a very pleasant hobby by buying a scroll saw. You can make artistic works with wooden materials. You don’t have to have a garage for that. Scroll saws are silent. They don’t give out a lot of sawdust. You can do woodworking in a room of your house.

Download free Wall Shelf Pattern for Laser Cutters.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

Sizes of  laser cut wood wall shelf design:

Height: 40,4 Cm (16 inches)
Width : 20.7 Cm (8,15 inches)
Depth: 11,1 Cm (4,37 inches)
Thickness: 6 and 3 mm (0,2,6 and 0,118 inches)

Laser Cnc Wall Shelf Pattern