Project Description

Wine Rack Laser Cutting Sample Projects

7-compartment Wine Storage Rack Plan for making a wine rack with laser cutting machine. Download the free cutting files and build your own wine rack in the laser cutting machine and get your vintage-looking decorative wooden wine rack.

Wine has been the most charming drink of man since ancient times. The Egyptians named their wine gods Osiris, the Greeks as Dionysus, and the Romans as Bacchus (the god of grapes). There are many varieties made of grapes, honey and various fruits. It is produced when magical bacteria turn sugar into alcohol. It is a completely natural drink. You can buy wine of every quality, or make home-made wine by purchasing wine supplies at very affordable prices.

It is also an important detail for wine lovers to have wine cabinets and shelves to stack their wines correctly. In this project, we have designed a 7-compartment decorative vintage view laser cut wine rack in which you can stack and rest your wines. While preparing the project, we wanted it to look like an oak barrel identified with wine. You will also have to choose decorative looking materials such as wood and plywood to get this vintage look. In order for the wine to age, it is important to stack the bottles horizontally. In addition, if you will store your home-made wine, you should not leave the air gap while bottling your wine.

You can download the cut files of this laser cutting sample project on our page so that you can have awesome low cost DIY wine racks after cutting the parts with your laser cutters.

Download free vintage view wine storage rack plan for laser cutting machines.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

Sizes of laser cut plywood wine storage rack:

Width : 42,3 Cm (16,65 inches)
Height: 46,6 Cm (18,35 inches)
Depth: 28,8 Cm (11,34 inches)
Thickness: 4 mm (1,57480315 inches)

Laser Cut Diy Wooden Wine Storage Rack Plan