Black and white, transparent leaves silhouette vector shapes in PNG, DXF, CDR files.

Discover our enchanting collection of leaf silhouette vectors, meticulously designed to inspire designers, crafters, and nature lovers. This curated selection showcases the natural beauty of various leaf shapes from iconic trees and plants, such as the Canadian Maple, Oak, Philodendron, Clover, Linden, and Poplar. With 12 distinctive designs, these silhouettes embody the essence of the outdoors, offering a seamless blend of art and nature for your projects. Our vectors are ready for download in popular formats like DXF, SVG, PDF, PNG, CDR, DWG, and STL, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of creative endeavors, from graphic design to CNC laser cutting, and beyond.

Leaves carry a universal appeal, symbolizing life and renewal with their vibrant greens and the warm, romantic hues of autumn. They are not just a feast for the eyes; they are deeply ingrained in our culture and history, appearing in everything from ancient art to modern design motifs. This connection highlights the versatility and timeless beauty of leaf patterns, making them a staple in decorative designs across the globe. Our collection draws inspiration from this natural elegance, offering designs that cater to a diverse array of creative projects, enriching them with the serene and intricate beauty of leaf patterns.

Each vector is crafted with precision, ensuring clean lines and adaptability across different mediums. This versatility makes our leaf silhouette vectors ideal for a vast spectrum of applications, from enhancing digital designs to being the cornerstone of educational resources. They are designed to meet the needs of a wide audience, enabling creators to effortlessly incorporate nature’s aesthetics into their work, fostering innovation, and elevating projects with the tranquil beauty of the natural world.

Discover comprehensive details about the free files in our leaf design collection:

SVG File: These are scalable vector designs compatible with Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, CorelDRAW, and numerous other vector design software. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, you can seamlessly incorporate these meticulously crafted, clean-drawing leaf vectors into your graphic and print projects as high-quality elements.

Vinyl and Digital Cutting: Our collection of leaf silhouette SVG files is meticulously optimized for cutting on vinyl cutters, Cricut machines, and various digital craft cutters. This optimization ensures flawless accuracy in cutting every curve and contour of the leaf designs, enabling artisans and DIY enthusiasts to transform their creative visions into tangible art.

PNG File: Featuring high-resolution (6308 X 5906 at 300 ppi), transparent-background, black-filled graphics of leaf silhouettes, these files can be easily dragged and dropped into Photoshop and other graphic software as transparent layered elements. Additionally, each leaf image in this collection can be effortlessly cropped using your operating system’s standard image editing software or mobile image applications, making them perfect for inclusion in social media posts or as leaf cliparts in emails and presentations.

PDF File: Our PDF contains printable outline templates of these leaf drawings, a treasure for educators, crafters, and amateurs alike, offering a simple yet versatile tool for countless creative endeavors. Whether for precision cutting projects or educational coloring activities to help children explore the diversity of plant foliage, these templates are designed to be easily accessible and user-friendly.

DXF File: Optimized for CNC laser cutting and engraving, the precision of these leaf designs is tailored for high-quality production, making every line and curve suitable for manipulation on wood, metal, acrylic, or plastic surfaces with CNC.

DWG File: Compatible with AutoCAD 2000 LT and later versions, our DWG file collection features 2D CAD drawings that capture the essence of various leaf types with meticulous detail. Designed for seamless integration with AutoCAD and other 2D CAD software, this resource is ideal for architects, designers, and engineers looking to enhance their projects with leaf CAD blocks, whether drafting landscape designs, developing decorative patterns, or planning environmental-themed educational tools.

CDR File: Shared in CorelDRAW 14 version and compatible with later versions, our CDR file boasts an exquisite collection of leaf designs, offering hollow contours and outline vector drawings specifically tailored for CorelDRAW users. This file provides an excellent canvas for artists and designers to boost their creativity, allowing extensive customization with colors and fills within the software. The versatility of these outlines enables users to create vibrant compositions or elegant monochrome motifs, perfect for a wide range of vector projects.

STL File: Containing 3D CAD representations of our leaf designs, the STL file can be easily imported into any 3D CAD software or used with 3D printers to create simple leaf shapes, offering a bridge between digital design and tangible creations.

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Embrace the elegance of nature in your next project by downloading our exquisite leaf silhouette vector collection today. With a variety of formats at your disposal, including DXF, SVG, PDF, PNG, CDR, DWG, and STL, these designs are perfect for an array of creative applications, from graphic design enhancements to intricate CNC laser cuttings. Each file is meticulously crafted to ensure ease of use, allowing both professionals and hobbyists alike to integrate the serene beauty of leaf patterns into their work effortlessly. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to infuse your projects with the tranquil and timeless beauty of nature. Click to download now and start transforming your creative ideas into reality with our versatile and inspiring leaf silhouette vectors.

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Printable leaf pattern drawings: Leaves outline templates for cut out.
Wooden leaf shapes laser cut templates file in 2D DXF and 3d STL files.
Leaf shape designs in SVG cut file for craft in Cricut.
2D leaves DWG CAD drawing file for use as CAD blocks in Autocad.