Project Description

Triquetrous means triangle. It is a charmed and sacred geometric symbol used by pagans, Christians, and Agnostics.

Uncovering the meaning of Celtic Trinity Knot Symbol

The Celts immigrated to Galilee, Spain, Britain and the islands 4,000,000 years ago from Central Europe. It was weakened by attacks from the Roman Empire in the 1st century AD, and continued to exist until the middle ages. From the knowledge of thousands of years of magical Celtic, there are very few written sources available to us today. For this reason, the meaning of this trinity knot symbol is not known exactly. Going out with the celestial symbols in the excavations suggests that he symbolizes the phases of the sun and moon. According to another belief, birth represents life and death processes. If it is in the form of a node, it can express that this return is infinite. Often it is surrounded by a circle which can point to infinite divine protection and will.