Free transparent black and white rose flower vector art designs.

Welcome to our intricately designed collection of seven sophisticated artistic rose silhouettes, available in vector format. Recognizing the limitless scope of creative freedom, we’ve made these rose silhouettes available for free download in a variety of file formats, including SVG, PNG, DXF, PDF, DWG, CDR, and STL. This guarantees compatibility and flexibility with your favorite design software and crafting tools, allowing you to effortlessly integrate these striking flowers into your projects. The detailed intricacies and elegant shapes of our rose illustrations are sure to impart a touch of sophistication, romance, and passion to every project.

Single rose silhouette with swirls and hearts. Artistic rose-floral vector.

A vector art triumph, this mesmerizing silhouette presents a stylized rose in black and white, brimming with romance and artistry. Our design features a single rose in full bloom, its petals lightly unfurled amidst swirls and heart details, invoking a sense of organic motion and flow. The heart accentuates themes of love and compassion, while the leaves are depicted with similar stylistic intent, using clean lines and bold contrasts.

Simple rose illustration in transparent PNG and SVG files for love graphic projects and tattoo.

Our second graphic portrays the rose vertically, with the floral section on top. The leaves are tightly arranged in a spiral pattern, gradually unfurling outward to form an elegant and detailed depiction of a blooming rose. The stem below, straight and slender, extends down to three large leaves detailed with veins, enhancing the realistic representation. Such a design is typically associated with themes of romance, love, beauty, and nature. Yet, its use is only limited by your creativity!

Open rose SVG and DXF vector cut files for Cricut, CNC laser and plasma cutting.

Our third design radiates baroque elegance in a rose silhouette. Each swirl and twist brings to life the dance between shadow and light, echoing the delicate but dramatic interactions found in nature’s finest artworks. The bold contrasts and flowing lines render this iconic bloom a remarkable choice for those seeking to add depth and intensity to their work.

Free transparent rose vector graphic to use as decorative clipart.

This striking silhouette comprises a single rose in full bloom, its petals gently opening against a classic black backdrop, crafting a sophisticated appearance. The slender stem and elegantly rendered leaves with curvilinear lines lend an aesthetic and balanced touch to the piece. Its graphical and stylized form makes it versatile for a myriad of applications.

Free simple rose vector drawing for romantic Valentine's Day and wedding anniversary projects.

A depiction of serene anticipation, this straightforward solitary rose silhouette showcases a long-stemmed rosebud at the height of its bloom; its leaves are tightly curled, on the verge of unfurling. The design symbolizes the quiet expectation and promise of new beginnings, while the slender stem and delicate leaves provide touches of grace and balance.

Elegant rosebud and open rose vector design for CNC laser and plasma cutting in SVG and DXF files.

This digital rose art design boasts a single, stunning rose in full bloom, its petals spreading with captivating elegance. The rose is prominently displayed, with buds, stems, and leaves filling the rest of the space. It’s an elegant composition balancing detail and smoothness, where the delicate twists of the stem evoke a sense of timeless beauty and natural artistry. The presence of a single bud alongside the flower suggests the promise of future growth, adding a dynamic flair to the design.

Rose flower stencil vector drawing for painting, scarpbooking and all craft projects.

This enchanting silhouette features a single fully bloomed rose; its petals unfold proudly, showcasing their vibrant allure. The clean lines of the layered petals and the graceful curve of the stem create a sense of elegance and natural majesty. Surrounding leaves with distinct veins and gentle curves complete the composition, adding a harmonious balance.

You can download the design in seven different file formats by clicking the links below. Brief descriptions of these files are as follows:

Our SVG File: Contains scalable vector images of these rose silhouettes, ensuring flawless quality even when resized. After downloading our free SVG file, you can make any desired adjustments using vector editing software such as Illustrator, CorelDraw, or Inkscape.

Additionally, we have tailored our SVG file to function as a cutting or engraving file for use with Cricut, vinyl cutters, and other electronic cutting machines. Cricut, Silhouette Cameo, Brother ScanNCut, and other digital craft machines can cut paper, vinyl, cardstock, fabric, and other materials.

With the SVG cutting file, you can use these rose designs on digital craft machines to create:

  • Personalized wedding invitations, save the dates, anniversary cards, event banners for activities,
  • Decorative wall art, special garment designs, labels, and embellishments for decoration,
  • T-shirts, bags, hats, or jewelry designs for apparel and accessories.
  • Create stencil templates for painting,
  • Decorate a mug, water bottle, or laptop with vinyl decals of these silhouettes, and much more for various creative projects.

Our PNG File: Includes high-resolution, black-filled rose graphics with a transparent background, invaluable for high-quality print and graphic projects. The transparency of the PNG file is ideal for layering in graphic design applications like Photoshop.

You can utilize the floral silhouettes in our PNG file to:

  • Create a romantic card print for Valentine’s Day,
  • Add as a design element to personalized invitations,
  • Use as art prints, decorative prints on textile products,
  • Include as rose cliparts in presentations or emails, and more.

Our PDF File: Provides printable draft templates of these artistic rose drawings, ready for use in printing and crafting.

You can use our PDF file for:

  • Coloring pages,
  • Floral patterns for fabric painting, embroidery, and embellishment,
  • Floral templates for complex paper cuttings,
  • Perfect stencils for scrapbooking or decoupage projects,
  • Patterns on soap in soap making,
  • DIY rose stencil templates,
  • Tattoo designs, and as a starting point for various projects where you can fully unleash your creativity.

Our DXF File: Serves as a cutting and engraving file for these rose vectors for CNC-based CO2 laser and plasma cutters.

After downloading our free rose templates in DXF format, you can use them with these machines to:

  • Create elegant and straightforward wall art to add a beautiful and meaningful touch to your home decor,
  • Craft unique jewelry pieces like pendant necks,
  • Produce decorative cuts and engravings for furniture.

Our DWG File: Contains free 2D CAD drawings of these rose images. You can use these drawings as rose CAD blocks, adding them as floral elements to your designs in software like AutoCAD.

Our CDR File: Features line art drawings of these rose vectors. Suitable for CorelDraw, you can open these rose drawings in the software, customize them with different colors and fills, and include them in your vector projects.

Our STL File: Contains 3D models of these rose drawings edited for 3D CAD programs. You can open these designs in 3D CAD software that supports STL files and print them with 3D printers using this file.

These roses are more than just illustrations; they are the seeds from which your creative projects will flourish. Designed to inspire graphic designers, captivate crafters, and empower artisans, each silhouette invites you to explore its potential and encourage projects that resonate with beauty and passion.

Download Your Free Rose Designs Now!

Unleash the full potential of these designs. Whether personalizing a space with wall art, designing bespoke jewelry, or creating stunning printed materials, these vectors are your gateway to beauty. Download now and let your creativity take root, flourishing into extraordinary creations that stand the test of time.

Click on the file format you wish to download and save it to your device: SVG, • PDF, • PNG, • DXF, • CDR, • DWG and • STL files.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

Elegant rose drawing templates in high-detail line art, perfect for print and craft activities, free to download.
Free red rose silhouette SVG cut file for Cricut and vinyl cutting, perfect for DIY and crafting projects.
Free download rose DXF patterns for CNC laser cutting and engraving.
Free download of rose CAD sketches for AutoCAD users, featuring detailed 2D designs suitable for use as CAD Blocks.