Round Wall Frame CNC Cut Ready Template Files

//Round Wall Frame CNC Cut Ready Template Files
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Project Description

This is a round decorative wall frame design. This modern style design consists of circular geometric arrangement of tulip flower motifs. Drawn with 2d CAD software. Then converted to graphical vector and 3d programs. You can resize these files with programs like AutoCAD, draftsight, corel draw, inkscape, illustrator without loss of resolution.

You can cut this round frame from mdf, acrylic, plywood, wood materials. Paint in your favorite colors.  It will look good on the wall of your house.

It’s ideal for applying your own particular imaginative touches from paint to stain to embellishments. Include a unique photograph or work of art to make it a remembrance you’ll appreciate dependably.

You can download dxf, dwg files from this page free cutting ready for cnc and laser cutting of this design.

Also free clipart and graphic vector files are available on our page in file formats like png, svg, eps.

Free 3d design is stp file format on our page

Circle tulip shaped frame vector size:

Internal diameter: 24 Cm (9,4 inch)
Outer diameter: 55 Cm (21,6 inch)

Download Free Template to Make a Round Wall Frame

  • Modern wall frame design in free png, • pdf, svg, dwg, • dxf, • eps, • step files.

  • This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

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