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Vikings Serie Logo Symbol Vector

The The Vikings Serie Logo Symbol Vector. Free dxf, eps, png files.ikings serie logo symbol design vector. Free dxf, eps, png files.

Free vector design of Vikings television series logo. If you are going to display larger objects on this shelf, you can scale the design to larger sizes with 2D CAD software such as Autocad or vector software such as Corel Draw.

Vikings is an original Canadian-Irish series written and fictionalized by Michael Hirst based on Viking legends. Seasons of this series are aired on the History Channel, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix respectively. It was originally planned by the producers and broadcaster as a mini-series to air in 2013. Later, the production received positive ratings from the audience and critics, and was admired all over the world for 6 seasons and received many awards.

The series begins with the brutal and mysterious life of the legendary Scandinavian hero Viking, Ragnar Lothbrok. Once just a farmer and a member of sea raiders, Ragnar rises from being a farmer to a king thanks to his adventurous, warrior personality and his thirst for knowledge and curiosity. Ragnar is destined for greatness because he is believed to be the man chosen by God Odin. Later in the series, his collaboration with fellow boat builder Floki to build new generation ships was the beginning of a historic turning point both for the Northern Vikings and the Europeans.

Ragnar’s wife is Lagertha, a legendary warrior. Ragnar’s family relationship with Lagertha demonstrates that the Vikings were not just barbarians but also a society having love and compassion.

As the episodes of the series progress, the events that changed the fate of England and France and the fortune of Ragnar’s sons becomes the main subject. The alliance and disagreements of his sons and their adventures in England, the Mediterranean, Scandinavia and Russia draw the viewers’ attention.

The Vikings, a maritime society that played an active role from the 8th to the 11th century, were not as complex as today’s societies. Maybe that’s why the show has been so popular. The simple, natural and authentic atmosphere of the Vikings is an escape opportunity for people living in today’s chaos. While this TV series narrates the curious, adventurous, enduring, natural and simple historical Viking society, it also allows us to make a system critique of today’s life.

In this project, we made the vector drawing of the vikings series logo. PNG, EPS and SVG files are high resolution silhouette vector files. DWG and DXF file are CAD based drawings of the symbol. The PDF file is a printable outline template file.

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The Vikings Logo Symbol Outline Template
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