Free downloadable cliparts of black and white lips-mouths vector graphics in PNG, DXF, and CDR files.

Step into the world of our spellbinding women’s lips vector illustrations collection, a treasure trove of artistic possibilities that can transform your design projects. Crafted with an unwavering dedication to detail, these vectors are poised to inject high quality and versatility into your creations. Suitable for graphic designers, craftspeople, printers, and CAD designers, this collection is at your fingertips, available for complimentary download in a variety of formats including SVG, PNG, PDF, DXF, CDR, DWG, and STL—ready for integration into both hobbyist and professional designs.

Each vector in this assortment transcends being a mere representation of the female mouth, instead opening doors to a vast spectrum of expressions—from the enchanting pull of a tender kiss to the fervent intensity of a lip bite.

The collection features nine different styles of lip silhouettes that embody:

Vector image of kiss transparent lips print and lipstick mark.

The romantic essence of a lipstick mark or kiss vector, perfect for adding a heartfelt and passionate ambiance to your projects. The detailed imprints and lifelike textures bring forth the lips’ seductive allure and fervid expression.

Black and white lips biting vector image in PNG and SVG files.

A bold and sensual lip-bite vector that infuses your projects with a captivating charm. The ample lips set against the striking contrast of the monochrome silhouette lend a graphic edge, making it an excellent choice for projects with a desire to make a passionate statement.

Black and white sensual dripping and licking lips-mouth vector art image

An intense and sultry lip-licking design, ideal for bestowing your projects with longing and allure. The tongue tracing the lips and the smooth, dripping effect contribute dynamic elements to this intricate artwork, yielding a provocative and tempting visual impact.

Black and white minimalist lips silhouette vector in transparent PNG and SVG file

A minimalist black lip graphic exuding classic appeal, offering a pristine addition of allure and simplicity to your projects. The stark black tones and crisp contours accentuate the lips’ natural beauty and the minimalist aesthetic.

Vector image of female mouth with blood dripping from vampire teeth-lips for tattoo design

An illustration that stunningly captures the essence of gothic allure with the portrayal of a vampire woman’s mouth. The parted lips reveal fangs dripping with remnants of a recent indulgence, combining classic horror elements with a sleek graphic style.

This vampire mouth could be a captivating visual for genres like horror, fantasy, or any theme seeking a dash of dark mystique.

Black and white lipstick print-kiss silhouette graphic vector for romantic designs.

A playful and romantic lip imprint silhouette, a perfect match for projects aiming to convey love and passion. The design captures the timeless beauty of a classic kiss with bold, fluid lines that emulate the texture and movement of real lipstick imprints.

Half opened sexy and sensual female mouth and lips vector.

A mysterious and appealing half-open woman’s mouth vector, a stellar choice for infusing your projects with intrigue and yearning. The slightly parted full lips and thoughtful shading lend depth and an expressive aura to the lips.

Minimalistic feminine lips silhouette image in SVG, PNG and DXF file for Valentine’s Day.

A simple lip silhouette that’s an impeccable match for projects needing a subtle touch of femininity without overwhelming detail. The smooth lines drawn with a singular stroke highlight the natural beauty, innocence, and minimalist aesthetic.

fun and iconic tongue out vector in rock and roll style in SVG, PNG, DXF and CDR file.A vector illustration that daringly captures the playful and iconic gesture of sticking out the tongue, framed by stylized lips. The lively image radiates fun and a sense of rebellion, making it an ideal selection for music industry graphics, especially within the rock or punk genres.

The collection is free to download in various file formats, each offering unique contributions to your projects:

  • The SVG file presents high-quality, red-colored vector images of these lip designs, scalable to different sizes without resolution loss, and usable as cutting files in digital machines.
  • Vector designers can effortlessly incorporate these lip designs from our free SVG file into their projects using Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Inkscape, and other vector software. Artisans with machines like Cricut, Silhouette Cameo, or Brother ScanNCut can operate their devices using these SVG files as cutting files.
  • The PNG file offers high-resolution, black-filled graphics with transparent backgrounds. This pixel-based file can be added as a transparent layer in your graphic software projects or used to clip your desired design from the collection for digital use with a transparent background.
  • The PDF file contains printable outline templates of these lip drawings. You can print these templates for use in crafting and coloring activities.
  • The DXF file has been optimized as a cutting file for CNC laser cutters and engravers, containing CAD-based vector drawings of lips.
  • The DWG file is a CAD drawing file of these lip images. If you’re looking for lip CAD blocks for your AutoCAD or other CAD software projects, you can download this file.
  • The CDR file contains line art vector drawings of these lip designs for CorelDraw users. They can open this file in the software and customize the lip drawings with appropriate colors and fills.
  • The STL file houses 3D CAD designs of the lips, compatible with many 3D CAD software, ready to be integrated into 3D projects. This file can also be run in 3D printers to achieve 3D prints.

The adaptability of these designs is unmatched, ready to bridge digital and physical realms. No matter if you are a seasoned graphic or CAD designer or a passionate artisan, this collection has a style for every creative inclination.

Take inspiration from these ideas to infuse charm into your projects:

  • Graphic designers: Utilize these illustrations for original designs in websites, business cards, posters, T-shirts, marketing materials, presentations, and more, incorporating the lip cliparts.
  • Craft enthusiasts: Show off your creativity with these illustrations in scrapbooking, card making, fabric painting, Valentine’s Day gifts, personalizing any item in accessories, clothing design, and other craft projects.
  • Artisans with digital cutting machines: Use these files to craft art pieces, decorations, and even functional items with artistic flair. Create wall art, engrave images on various surfaces, print designs on T-shirts, and transfer patterns onto mugs using heat transfer.
  • Tattoo artists: Offer these vector designs as stunning and original tattoo templates to clients. Each design harbors a unique character and style, serving as a means for personal expression.

Download Your Free Lip Vector Designs Now!

Harness the full potential of these vectors by downloading them now. Infuse your work with unparalleled creativity and make a lasting impression with designs that resonate with your audience. From personal use to professional applications, these lip vectors are poised to elevate your projects to a pinnacle of artistic expression.

Click on the file format you wish to download and save it to your device: SVG, • PDF, • PNG, • DXF, • CDR, • DWG and • STL files.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

Line art lips and mouth templates in printable PDF drawing file
Free Lips SVG images and Cut File for Cricut, Silhouette Cameo, or Brother ScanNCut.
Lips and Mouth cutting and engraving files for laser cutters in DXF and 3D STL files.
Free download of lips and mouth DWG CAD block drawings for AutoCAD users.