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Angel depictions are one of the most frequently appearing forms on artworks. Angel symbolism was used extensively especially in medieval art. In earlier historical periods, they appeared more as gods. There were many gods in pre-Christian classical times. When we look into the mythologies of different cultures, we encounter many legends and stories of these gods. The societies living in those periods identified different emotional attributes and elements of nature with different gods. With the evolution of the belief systems, these gods turned into angels or angel-like beings like the devil. With this transformation, they became servants and spokespersons who conveyed the message of the god to people, fulfilling the duties assigned by a single god.

In my symbolism, the angel form has several meanings. First, they symbolize faith. If a person possesses an object with an angel depiction, this is a sign that he is a believer. This being, which is under the command of God, is usually the symbol of the bond between man and god.

Another meaning of this symbol is power. As God gives angels duties, he also gives them the strength and abilities necessary to fulfil them. When a person identifies himself with angels, she can spiritually feel these forces. This power thus can provide a protection to that person. Give your loved ones an angel project as a gift and show them that you are protecting them.

We have made drawings of angel silhouette images for you to use in your different projects. We’ve published them in different file formats. Of these, the SVG vector file is also a digital cutting file. The pdf file is the printable outline template file. Eps, png, cdr files will meet your different types of graphics, vector and clipart needs. Dwg and dxf files are 2D CAD drawings. If you need Angel 2D cad block, these downloadable files will meet your needs.

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Angel Svg graphic and cut files for Cricut. Silhouette angel svg die cut shapes.
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