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Free Vector, Template and CAD Files

This category offers a wide range of free vector, outline template, and CAD files made up of various artistic designs. Each design comes with seven different file formats, all of which are printable and cuttable. These files can be downloaded for personal use, and all the pages in the category contain links to the files.

The images you see here were first drawn by hand using graphic pens and tablets or in illustration and CAD software. These initial drawings were then turned into SVG and PNG black and white graphic vector files. We then created cutting paths using suitable techniques to make these designs usable on CNC-based digital cutting machines. At this stage, the drawings were saved as 2D CAD blocks in DXF and DWG file formats. Using the DXF or DWG files, we created printable outline CDR and PDF files. Finally, we created 3D preview files in STL format using 3D CAD software.

Thus, each design on the page is available to download for free in seven different file formats. Whether you need a silhouette vector image, outline pattern, or CAD drawing file, you can download the format that suits your needs.

Free Mountain Silhouette Vector Art for Your Creative Designs

Mountain Silhouette Vector Art Designs

Are you in need of beautiful mountain silhouette designs? Look no further! Our vector art design contains six different mountain silhouette images, each created with artistic vector drawings of scenes featuring mountains,…

Fish vector images graphic designs. Black and white fish transparent png.

Fish Vector Images Graphic Designs

The angelfish, catfish, bass, and clownfish vector design package contains black and white images of fish. The package includes free fish PNG, SVG, DXF, PDF, CDR, DWG, and STL files. It also…

Free Dinosaur Silhouette Svg Vector File

Free Dinosaur Silhouette SVG Vector File

SVG vector files with silhouette images of nine different dinosaur species inside. Printable outline template files of dinosaur shapes. You can download this cute drawing collection for free from the links at…

Youtube Logo, Button and Icon Vector Designs

YouTube Logo, Button and Icon Vector Designs

YouTube original logo, like, play, subscribe and live button vector designs. Transparent YouTube vectors that you can use as icons, watermarks, and buttons. You can download this design pack as PNG, SVG,…

Lotus Flower Stencil Template Vectors

Silhouette Stencil Vectors of Lotus Flower Images

Stencil vector pack with 4 different lotus flower silhouette images inside. Lotus symbols are vector, CAD, and template stencil drawings. You can download these designs for free in 8 different printable and…

Sunflowers Svg Cut Files For Cricut

Free Sunflowers SVG Silhouette Vector File

You can use the Sunflower vector graphic bundle as an SVG file for Cricut. Free SVG design file that includes five different cool sunflower SVG images. If you are looking for colored…

Download Dxf Vector Pattern For Cnc Router. Free Cnc Plasma Templates.

Free DXF Patterns File for CNC Routers

Download CNC template files in DXF and SVG format to cut in CNC routers. If you want to craft decorative partitions and panels in CNC-based machines, then these CAD design files we…

Bee clip art vector images in dxf, png svg and eps files.

Bee Silhouette Vector Designs

Silhouette bee vector package that includes four designs that are more beautiful than each other. Bee graphics designs can also be used as a clipart vector. You can download these images for…

Canadian Flag Svg Graphics

Canadian Flag Vector Images

Graphic vector illustrations of the Canadian national flag together with standard and wavy images in triangle, circle, and heart shapes. If you are looking for SVG, DXF, PNG, EPS, CDR, PDF, DWG,…

Free Cricut Earring SVG Templates

Earring Shapes Template Free Svg Cut Files

Free earring svg cut files for making DIY faux leather earrings on craft machines like cricut and silhouette cameo. Vector files and free earring DXF CAD file for laser cutting. Also, if…

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Our website caters to a wide audience that uses our designs for various purposes. We offer free designs in different downloadable file formats to meet the diverse needs of our audience.

Graphic designers can download scalable SVG files for their vector image needs and open them in software such as Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, and Inkscape. They can also download transparent black and white PNG graphic files for use in graphic software like GIMP and Adobe Photoshop. Our PNG files are high resolution and can be used for a variety of design needs.

If you are looking for digital pattern and template files to use in CNC-based routers or laser cutting machines, the DXF, DWG, and CDR files will meet your needs.

If you want to use our cutting template files for machines like Ciricut, Silhouette Cameo, Silhouette Portrait, Plotter, Vinyl Cutter, Stencil or Decal Maker, you can download our free SVG and DXF files from our design pages.

Our DWG and DXF files contain 2D CAD drawings that can be used in programs such as AutoCAD, Draftsight, and NanoCAD. If you need CAD blocks for such programs, you can download these files.

Our PDF files contain printable outline drawings of the designs, which you can use as a craft, coloring page, stencil, or tattoo template. If you require outline template files for such purposes, you should download the PDF pattern files.

We hope you enjoy our designs and find them useful for your creative projects.