Black and white, stylized wings vector design images in transparent PNG, SVG, DXF, and CDR graphic files.

Welcome to our unique collection of wing designs, a digital treasure trove that offers a diverse range of artistic possibilities. This collection is not only a visual feast but also a practical resource for artists, designers, and craft enthusiasts. Each wing design in our collection boasts its own unique style and detailing, drawn with sharp contrasts and bold lines for a visually striking appearance.

Download free black and white artistic angel or bird wings vector clipart in transparent PNG, DXF, and CDR files. Ideal for creative projects like graphic design, digital art, and crafting.

1. Black and White Angel Wings Vector Illustration: Our first design features symmetric angel wings in a black and white vector format. The intricate feather pattern lends an elegant and artistic flair to the wings. Each feather is meticulously detailed with varying sizes and shapes, creating a realistic effect. The curved wings enhance the design’s aesthetic appeal, embodying beauty, grace, and strength. The dynamic and fluid feathers evoke a sense of movement, making these angel wings a symbol of purity, innocence, spirituality, freedom, flight, and overcoming obstacles.

Stylized ornate wing design with bird silhouettes in dxf and png for CNC laser, plasma and vinly cutting. Create decorative wall art or stickers with these wing designs

2. Stylized Wings with Bird Silhouettes: The second design is marked by its stylized feather details and the presence of two bird silhouettes facing each other at the center. This adds a layer of depth and meaning, suggesting a unity of duality. The swirling patterns at the bottom infuse the design with motion and dynamism. These spiraling lines could represent wind, flight, or the flow of connection between dualities, adding an intriguing visual interest to the overall composition.

Download this V-shaped stylized wing clipart silhouette perfect for engraving projects, t-shirt designs, decals, and vinyl cutting. Available in SVG and PNG formats.

3. V-Shaped Stylized Wing Illustration: Our third illustration features a pair of stylized wings arranged in a V-shape, each composed of numerous feathers. Each feather is detailed with fine lines tapering to sharp points, conveying a sense of movement and elegance. The layered arrangement of the feathers suggests volume and texture. The image evokes the wings of a bird, angel, or mythical creature, making it ideal for vinyl decals, wall art, engravings, or graphic elements.

Download this free angel wings tattoo design vector art image with a white background in PNG and SVG formats. Perfect for tattoos, graphic design, and other creative projects. Add a touch of elegance and symbolism to your work!

4. Symmetrical Wings with Detailed Feather Patterns: The fourth design showcases a pair of wings symmetrically arranged with detailed feather patterns. Each wing comprises numerous detailed feathers, creating a sense of depth and dimension. The bold design features strong black lines on a white background, enhancing the intricate details and patterns of each feather. Such wing designs are often associated in art and symbolism with qualities like freedom, protection, and purity, typically linked to legendary or divine creatures.

File Formats for Versatile Use:

Our collection, featuring four unique wing designs, is shared in seven different file formats, offering versatility for various applications. The black and white wing graphics in our PNG file are pixel-based, transparent, and high-resolution (300 ppi and 12500 x 12500 pixels), facilitating their placement over other visuals or backgrounds in graphic projects. This PNG file can also be used for personal projects like printing on t-shirts, bags, stickers, and other customizable products.

Our free SVG file contains vector images of these wing designs, compatible with software like Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, and Inkscape. You can open, edit, scale without resolution loss, and save in different formats using these programs. For those using digital cutting machines like Cricut or Silhouette Cameo, our SVG cutting file is perfect and available for free download.

The printable PDF file includes outlines of these wing drawings, ideal for tattoo artists to present to clients or for hobbyists and craft enthusiasts to use as stencils or in paper cutting projects. These templates can also be used in glass painting or to create etch effects.

Our DWG file contains 2D CAD drawings of these wing designs, suitable as CAD blocks in projects using 2D CAD software like AutoCAD.

The DXF file serves as a cutting and engraving file for CNC-based CO2 laser cutters, plasma cutters, and vinyl cutters. You can transform these designs into decorative wooden or metal wall art objects using these CNC machines, or transfer these wing images as engravings on different surfaces.

Lastly, the STL file includes 3D CAD designs of the wings, editable with supporting CAD software, and printable on 3D printers.

Download Free Wing Silhouette Illustrations

Our collection of wing designs is not just an artistic expression but a versatile toolkit for various creative projects. Whether you are a tattoo artist, a graphic designer, or a craft enthusiast, these designs offer endless possibilities to infuse your work with elegance, meaning, and creativity. Download our collection today and start exploring the boundless potential these designs hold for your artistic endeavors.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

This collection of free printable wings outline templates is perfect for tattoo artists, hobbyists, and craft enthusiasts. Use them for tattoo presentations, stencils, paper cutting projects, and more!
This stunning free wings SVG cutting file is perfect for Cricut, Silhouette Cameo, and other digital cutting machines. Download it now and start crafting unique t-shirts, wall art, decals, and more!
Use this angel and bird wings DXF template for precision cutting with CNC lasers and plasma cutters, and the STL file for creating 3D printed art.
Free wings DWG file showcasing intricate CAD blocks for use in AutoCAD drafting, suitable for architectural and decorative applications.