Badge crest silhouette shapes vectors. Free png, dxf and cdr vector files.

Badges and crests have been used since ancient times and are still popular today. These shapes can be made from various materials and are necessary to create logos for companies, organizations, and sports teams. We offer a free downloadable vector design pack that includes 16 different badge and crest silhouette shapes.

The shapes in our design pack are the silhouettes of badge and crest outlines, and their interiors can be customized for various purposes. They are perfect for creating eye-catching images to promote products or services in print design projects like business cards, flyers, and brochures. These shapes can also be used in social media graphics, poster advertisements, and email marketing campaigns. Additionally, the shapes can be used to create special patches or emblems for clothing or accessories by adding different designs, colors, or textures. They can be customized to make great monogram frames, and used as decorative elements in various products such as keychains, cups, and phone cases. The printable outline badge-crest template file can be printed on paper and used for craft, cut-out, and activity purposes.

Designers can create 3D versions of badge and crest shapes by transferring a DWG CAD drawing package or 3D STL file to a 3D modeling software program and including them in a product design. The possibilities are endless with these versatile shapes.

Multiple File Formats for Easy Access

Our pack includes seven different file formats: PNG, SVG, PDF, DXF, CDR, DWG, and STL files. All of these files are available for free download. The HD PNG file includes high-resolution, transparent, black and white graphic images of these designs. The SVG file includes scalable vector images of these designs and can also be used as a badge and crest cutting file for home cutting machines like Cricut. The PDF file includes blank templates of badge and crest designs. The DXF and DWG files are CAD block files containing CAD drawings. You can open these files in CAD software and modify the designs inside.

Our free downloadable vector design pack that includes 16 different badge and crest silhouette shapes is perfect for anyone who wants to create logos, patches, or emblems. With multiple file formats, you can easily access these designs and use them for various purposes. The shapes are versatile and can be used for a wide range of graphic design projects. Download the pack today and start creating unique designs!

Start Designing: Download Our Badge and Crest Vectors

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

Printable badge crest blank outline PDF template. Badge-crest shapes line art patterns for cut out and craft.
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Wooden Badge Crest Shapes Template for CNC Laser Cutting
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