Bowtie silhouette image graphic vectors in DXF, SVG, EPS, PNG and CDR file format.

Vector collection of patterned bow tie images. Printable bow tie outline template file.

The history of the bow tie dates back to Thirty Years’ War. In these battles, the French people saw Croats tying a tie to join their shirt collar. Then the French soldiers began to use bow ties. In the 1700s, it became an accessory used by the upper class. In 1886, famous American businessman Pierre Lorillard developed a new style of dress with a bow tie and wore it in a formal ball at the New York Tuxedo Club. The tuxedo and the bow tie combination has become a men’s fashion. Today’s bow tie, in addition to official invitations, balls, ceremonies and weddings, also appears in daily style. Beside various types of fabric, wooden bow ties are also used.  Bow tie enthusiasts celebrate the  August 28 of each year as the National Bow Tie Day.

In this project, we have drawn different bow tie silhouette figures. We have decorated them with different patterns and motifs. You can use them for different purposes. You can use the free dxf and svg silhouette file on digital craft cutting machines such as Cricut, Cutting Plotter and Vinyl Cutter. for your needs regarding bow tie clipart vector file,  downloading eps and png files will be appropriate. If you’re looking for a bow tie craft project or a colouring page, you can download and print the bow tie outline pdf template files.

Download free bow tie silhouette clipart vector files

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Printable Bow Tie Outline Template
Wooden Bow Tie Shapes Design for Laser Cutting
Bow Tie Clipart Svg Cutable Designs
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