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Canadian Flag Vector Images

Canadian national flag vector shapes in heart, circle, and triangle together with standard image and wavy images.

Graphic vector illustrations of the Canadian national flag together with standard and wavy images in triangle, circle, and heart shapes. If you are looking for SVG, DXF, PNG, EPS, CDR, PDF, DWG, and STL files of colored or black and white Canadian flag designs, you can download these files for free on this page.

History of Canadian Flag

The colors and designs of the national flags are not chosen arbitrarily, they symbolize the culture and history of the countries they represent. Until 1964, many Canadians used to believe that their colonial-era flag design did not accurately describe the culture and traditions of their country. In 1964, President Lester B. Pearson convened a committee made up of members of the Senate and the House of Commons to create the national flag that would identify Canada as a united and independent country and let the country adopt its own symbols for the future. After long discussions, the committee presented the flag design they had chosen to the parliament full of representatives of the public. The final design, which was accepted by the Parliament and approved by the royal proclamation became the official national flag of Canada on February 15, 1965.

Features of Canadian Flag

The official Canadian flag, which we also know as Maple Leaf has a 1:2 ratio and is symmetrical. It does not have front or backsides. There is a 1:2:1 white square on the middle of the flag and there are two red stripes on both sides of this white square. There is also an 11-pointed red maple leaf at the middle of the white square.

Meaning of Canadian Flag Colors

The Canadian national flag consists of two colors, red and white. These colors are the official colors that were declared by King George V in 1921. The white color represents the French royal emblem used in the reign of Charles VII. The red color represents the St. George’s cross, which was the emblem of the first Canadian flag. Throughout history, people added new meanings to these colors. The red color symbolizes the blood and courage of those who lost their lives in World Wars. The white color represents the peace, tranquility of Canada and one of the most distinctive features of its geography, snow.

Free Canada Flag Svg Design File

Maple Leaf

The maple leaf is the most well-known symbol of Canada. It has been used as the landmark of Canadian identity since 1834. This symbol is used in many elements such as poems, songs, books, coins, badges, posters, ornaments, and postcards. It became the most recognized symbol of Canada internationally after it was used as a hat badge by member Canadian Expeditionary Force members during World War I. The maple leaf was carved on the tombstones of Canadian soldiers who lost their lives in World War II. Today, the maple leaf is the symbol of national loyalty, pride, and courage for Canadians.

Download Canadian Flag Vector Images for Free

In this project, we published the standard and silhouette vector graphics of the Canadian national flag, which is one of the most well-known flags in the world. These flag graphics include Canadian national flag shapes in heart, circle, and triangle together with standard drawings and wavy images. All these files are printable and cuttable. As you can use them in Cricut, laser cutting, vinyl cutter-plotter, CNC routers, you can also use them to print with your printer.

The PDF file is a printable Canadian flag template file. You can also use this file, which has outline drawings, as a pattern for your crafts. The free Canada’s flag SVG file is a scalable clipart vector file. As you can use this file in your graphics projects, you can also use it as a cut file in craft machines such as Cricut. Transparent PNG Silhouette Canadian flag file is the file that includes black and white and colored graphic images. If you are looking for high-resolution graphics files of these images, you can download this one. You can use the EPS and CDR files for graphic projects that you are going to create in vector-based software such as Corel Draw, Illustrator, and Inkscape. Canada’s flag DXF and DWG files are the required files for CAD-based software such as AutoCAD. As you can use them as CAD blocks, you can also use them as a cut file in CNC laser cutters.

Download graphic images of the Canadian flag for free

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Canada flag outline drawing templates. Printable Canadian flag cut out PDF pattern.
Canada flag black and white. Canadian flag silhouette DXF and CDR file.
3D Canada Flag For CNC Laser Cutters
Canadian flag dwg cad block file for Autocad