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CNC Router Project Idea: Elephant Step Stool for Kids

Wooden Kids Step Stool Project Idea for Cnc Router

This step stool project idea is a great way to introduce your kids to woodworking and DIY projects. The use of a CNC router machine makes the project easier to accomplish, even for those who have little experience in woodworking. The elephant shape of the stool is a fun design that children will love and it can be customized to match the theme of their room.

When selecting materials for the project, you have a few options to choose from. Solid wood, plywood, and coated chipboard with a thickness of 18mm are all great choices that can be used on a CNC router machine. It is important to ensure that all surfaces and corners are smooth and free of sharp edges to protect your child’s small hands. You can achieve this by carefully polishing the surfaces before assembly.

To prevent the stool from slipping and causing injury, you can attach non-slip tapes to the steps or dig channels into the steps with the router. You can also attach non-slip tapes to the bottom of the stool to prevent it from sliding on slippery floors. These safety measures will give you peace of mind knowing that your child is safe when using the stool.

The two-step stool is perfect for helping children gain independence by allowing them to reach areas that are too high for them. It is designed for children between the ages of 18 months and 8 years, ensuring that it will be used for many years. Children can use it to wash themselves, toilet train, or simply have a happy experience in their room.

If you are interested in creating this project, you can download the free files in various formats such as DXF, DWG, SVG, PDF, and CDR from this page. With these files, you can bring the wooden kids step stool project idea to life on your CNC router machine. This is a great project that will not only improve your child’s independence but also create a memorable experience for both of you.

Download free wooden step stool CNC design files for kids.

Right click and save to free download CDR, • DXF, • SVG, • PDF, • PNG, • DWG, • STL files.

Dimensions of this step stool design:

Height: 33.2 Cm (13 inches)
Width : 37.6 Cm ( 14.8 inches)
Depth: 43.4 Cm ( 17 inches)
Thickness: 18 mm (3/4 inches)