Deer silhouette vector free download dxf file. Transparent black deer clipart illustration.

Deer silhouette black vector files. If you are looking for dxf files for CNC plasma cutter or CNC laser cutting machine this pattern may be for you.

When we meet with deer in wilderness, they take our breath away. Deer are very elegant and gentle animals. They are very sharp observers with two eyes standing in front of their magnificent horns. People have used deer symbolism for thousands of years. The use of deer silhouettes and horns as totems appears in almost i every culture.

The deer symbols are usually associated with feminine energy. Feminine energy is found in both sexes. It is intuitive, it is about the awareness of introspective emotions, and process-oriented. Constructive, productive and creative… It is aesthetically attractive and fluent. It is fertile and compassionate and merciful to all born. Feminine energy is on the left side of the body.

The horns resembling tree branches are also associated with the Tree of Life. The most distinctive feature of deer, an herbivorous animal, is the constant horn change. In this form, the deer is also a symbol of renewal, transformation and eternity. In this sense, reindeer, the helpers of the Santa Claus symbolize the transformation and renewal starting with the new year in this sense. In addition, with the representation of the feminine energy by the reindeers, the emphasis on Santa Claus’ being productive, compassionate and merciful is strengthened.

In this project, we have published 4 different deer images as vector, cad and outline template files separately on our page. These deer silhouettes can be used in graphical projects; they can also be used as cut files in CNC plasma and laser cutting machines with the free dxf file. This allows you to cut a decorative wall art object from wood or metal materials with the help of your cnc laser or plasma machine. If you are looking for a pdf deer outline file for crafts, these different deer drawings can be ideal for you. You can also use the deer silhouette svg cuts file as silhouette cameo templates.

Download Deer Silhouette Files for Your CNC Machine.

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Printable deer outline template. Deer PDF pattern drawings for cut outs.
Deer Dxf Files for Cnc Plasma and Laser Cutter
Deer silhouette free svg image designs for cricut and silhouette cameo.
Deer DWG autocad 2d CAD block files. Deer CAD block drawing.