Project Description

Dreamcatcher Silhouette Vector Design

Clipart vector illustration of decorative looking Dreamcatcher. The center of this design looks like a spider web. A great dream catcher art graphic with feathers and beads.

The dreamcatcher form was inherited to us from native Americans and Canadians. According to them, there were good spirits at night along with evil ones. These evil spirits cause us to have nightmares. They believe that the web in the middle of Dream catchers captures the nightmares these evil spirits bring. When the sun rises, these bad dreams burn with the light of the sun and disappear. Beautiful dreams enter our dream from the feathers of this traditional form underside. In particular, since babies are weak, a dreamcatcher was hung in their cradles to protect them. Beautiful dreams give us calmness in our sleep and refresh us in the morning, allowing us to wake up vigorously.

This form is still used today. It is often used along with nice home, room and wall decoration ideas. Today, many mothers and fathers, like the natives, hang a dream catcher in their babies’ rooms. Dreamcatcher form is preferred in many sectors and activities such as ornament, printing, extraction, stencil, craft, scrapbooking.

In this project, we have drawn a decorative looking dreamcather form. Inside the round pulley is a form of spider web that captures bad dreams. The whole design is very beautiful with its 3 feathers to make sure good dreams could reach us.
You can use HD black and white dreamcatcher png file as clipart. All file formats are cuttable and printable.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

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