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Meaning and Brief History of Ferrari Logo

Ferrari is a company that produces luxury sports cars and high performance racing cars. The founder of Ferrari is Enzo Ferrari. Enzo Ferrari joined Alfa Romeo’s racing division in 1920 as a driver. On June 17, 1923, he won a race at the Savio racing circuit in Ravenna, where he met Count Baracca’s family. During a conversation, Baracca’s Countess Paolina suggested that Enzo use the horse symbol of her son Francesco. He assured him that if he did this, the symbol would bring him the best luck. Although Alfa Romeo allowed the usage of this horse symbol on Scuderia cars after 11 years, this brought Enzo’s team first and second place in 1932 at the SPA 24 Hours.

Who is Francesco Baracca the person who originated the Ferrari emblem?

Count Francesco Baracca was the best fighter at the 1st World War. He won the first air victory of Italy and the war on 7th of April, 1916 thanks to Nieuport 11. After this victory, he had 34 air victories in total until June 1918. This legendary fighter pilot was quite a gentleman. He used to visit the enemies he defeated in the war in hospitals and pay their respects to them or put garlands on the graves of those he defeated.

Baracca died very young in the Montello area on June 19, 1918, unable to return from his assault mission. He became a national hero in a short time, with 34 victories he left behind. The prancing horse symbol on the fuselage of the aircraft he used while fighting was adopted by many Italian pioneers.

Like many Italians, Enzo Ferrari was a fan of this national hero, too. Baracca’s mother Countess Paolina suggested that Enzo use the symbol of Baracca to bring luck to him when they met. As she promised, this badge brought him good luck. Enzo won races with it, and then when he started producing cars, these cars with the prancing horse logo turned out to be the symbol of high performance and elegance.

In this project, we have drawn the vector, CAD and template files of the logo and text of Ferrari, a luxury car brand. If you are looking for vector files for the Ferrari symbol and emblem, you can download svg, eps and transparent HD png files for free. Ferrari dxf and dwg files are CAD based drawings. Pdf and cdr files are Ferrari outline template files and can be printed out. Images of the Ferrari logo have been added to the design as black and white and colored. Silhouette images can be used as stickers, labels and vinyl.

All legal and commercial rights of these logos belong to Ferrari. These designs are for the personal use of Ferrari fans only. They cannot be used commercially. When you download the files of the logo, you are deemed to have accepted these.

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