Black and white silhouette bull vector art images in PNG, DXF, CDR files.

This collection of five bull vector design images available for free download incorporates a range of formats including SVG, PNG, PDF, DWG, DXF, CDR, and STL, catering to a diverse audience from graphic designers to CAD professionals.

Black bull silhouette vector, symbol of menacing and power.

Menacing Stance Bull: This design highlights the bull’s power and resilience, ideal for reinforcing themes of determination and strength in brand projects or personal works. Its menacing posture serves as a symbol of facing challenges and readiness for battle.

Artistic vector image of an attacking angry bull in a bullfight.

Charging Bull: This dynamic design brings the bull’s sharp horns and muscular build to the forefront, capturing a moment of action and power. It’s perfect for sports team logos or any project requiring a symbol of energy and ambition.

Download free bull vector art showing a stylized bull head with large horns.

First Angry Bull Face: This design showcases the intense and striking expression of the bull, making it an excellent choice for creative projects needing character, such as graphic novels or game characters.

Free bull vector in DXF format, perfect for CNC laser and plasma cut applications

Second Angry Bull Face: With each line, this design intensifies the sense of anger and threat, making it particularly suitable for use in security services or protection-themed projects.

Download angry bull vector graphic with strong facial expression and big horns for tattoo design.

Third Angry Bull Head: This design emphasizes a stern gaze, symbolizing leadership and authority, making it ideal for use in corporate identity or leadership-themed projects.

Explore the Versatility of Multiple File Formats:

  • SVG: These bull vector images can be scaled to any size without losing resolution, making them perfect for use in vector graphic software like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape. Optimized for cutting, these files are also compatible with digital craft machines such as Cricut and vinyl cutters, serving as excellent resources for those seeking bull-themed cut files.
  • PNG: High-resolution images with transparent backgrounds ensure that these bull silhouettes can be easily incorporated into graphic projects using software like Photoshop, adding depth as a transparent layer.
  • PDF: Printable templates of these bull drawings are a treasure for those seeking striking bull outline templates for crafts or tattoo designs.
  • DWG: These 2D CAD drawings can be integrated into projects using software like AutoCAD, perfect for designers needing bull CAD blocks.
  • DXF: Optimized for CNC laser cutters and plasma cutters, these files are tailored for cutting and engraving.
  • CDR: CorelDraw users will find these hollow outline vector drawings of bulls adaptable for their vector projects.
  • STL: The 3D CAD drawings cater to those looking to bring these bull designs into three-dimensional form.

Get Your Free Downloads: Bull Vector Art

Unleash the creative power of these versatile bull designs in your next project. Whether you are crafting a compelling piece of art, integrating robust symbols into your digital designs, or fabricating with precision on hardware tools, this collection offers everything you need to turn your visionary ideas into reality. Download these free files today and transform your creative approach with the formidable spirit of the bull.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

Download free printable bulls outline templates available in PDF drawing file.
Free SVG bull cut files ready for download, compatible with Cricut and Silhouette.
High-quality bull DXF designs perfect for CNC laser and plasma cutting.
Downloadable DWG file of bulls suitable for AutoCAD drafting and design.