Download free wooden cat house laser cut designs in DXF, CDR, SVG and PDF

Elevate your pet’s comfort and your home’s decor with this charming and practical two-tier cat house laser cutting project. Designed with discerning pet owners in mind, we’re delighted to offer free laser cutting files for this wooden cat house design. Available in DXF, CDR, SVG, and PDF formats, these files are a click away from turning raw materials into a cozy abode for your feline friend.

This cat house is designed for ease of assembly and functionality. The lower level, with its adorable cat head silhouette entrance, ensures ample ventilation and provides a spacious retreat. A side escape hatch, doubling as a ventilation point, offers an additional exit for your pet. The upper deck is a perfect lounging spot, complete with picket fence-style guardrails for safety and aesthetics. It’s accessed via a convenient side step, making it the ideal perch for your pet to bask in the sun or keep a watchful eye over their domain.

Detailing matters, and the exterior walls of this cat house feature a laser-engraved brick pattern, imbuing it with a rustic charm and the appearance of a miniature home. Supported by robust frame legs, the cat house is elevated to protect against ground moisture and to enhance airflow, ensuring a dry and comfortable environment. The innovative design eliminates the need for adhesives or screws, making assembly, maintenance, and relocation a breeze.

Download free laser-cut cat house templates in popular formats like DXF, CDR, SVG, and PDF. Start building your pet's dream home today!

Though tailored for cats, this design is versatile enough for small dogs and rabbits too. It comfortably houses large cats within its 38.8 x 35 x 44.6 cm interior. The design requires 35 2D pieces, easily cut from 6 mm thick plates using a CNC laser cutter. Customize the material to suit your pet’s needs and your aesthetic preferences. Choose from durable non-transparent acrylic or varnished wood for outdoor settings, or opt for indoor-friendly materials like wood, MDF, or plywood. These wood-based materials are perfect for cats, catering to their instinctual need to scratch and mark.

Laser cutting technology offers unprecedented precision and customization in pet supplies. Our free files make it easy for you or your local laser cutting service to produce a stylish and sturdy duplex DIY cat house. Simply download the compatible DXF, SVG, CDR, and PDF cutting files and let your CNC Co2 laser cutter do the rest.

If you lack a laser cutter, fret not! Simply download the files and approach a local laser cutting service. With the pieces in hand, assembly is straightforward, leading you to a stylish and comfortable dwelling for your beloved pet.

Download Your Free Cat House Laser Cutting Files Now!

Download the free files today and embark on a creative journey to enhance your living space and your pet’s life with this versatile, stylish two-tier cat house. Your furry friend will thank you for the comfort and security, and your home will be all the more welcoming with this added touch of style.

Click on the file format you wish to download and save it to your device: DXF, • CDR, • SVG, • PDF, • DWG and • PNG files.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

Dimensions of the Cat House Design:

  • Height: 49 cm (19.29 inches)
  • Width: 60.5 cm (23.82 inches)
  • Depth: 47.4 cm (18.66 inches)
  • Thickness: 6 mm (0.2362 inches)
Build your cat a luxurious two-story home with this free laser cut file. Download DXF, CDR, SVG, or PDF templates and start crafting!