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Free Pineapple Stencil Art Vector Design

Free Pineapple Stencil Vector Design

Pineapple is a tropical fruit native to Central and South America that is both aesthetically pleasing and delicious. Its distinctive shape has been used in various art forms throughout history and continues to be a popular design element today. In this project, we have created an artistic pineapple stencil vector image decorated with vintage design elements.

We offer this pineapple design in seven different file formats on our website, including graphic vector, printable template, and CAD designs. The available file types are pineapple SVG, PNG, DXF, PDF, CDR, DWG, and STL. All of these files can be downloaded for free.

The black and white PNG file of this pineapple design is transparent and high-resolution (300 ppi, 12500 x 12500 pixels), making it suitable for printing and graphic projects that require high-resolution raster graphics.

The free silhouette pineapple SVG stencil file is a cutting file for digital craft machines such as Cricut and Silhouette CAMEO. It allows this pineapple SVG cutting design to be used in craft activities. The SVG file is also a scalable vector file.

If you’re looking for a printable pineapple template, you can download the PDF file containing the line art drawing of the pineapple image. You can print this file and use it as a cut-out stencil template in your craft activities.

The DXF and DWG files contain CAD block drawings of the pineapple that are used for cutting with CNC laser cutters. You can also use these machines to engrave this pineapple image onto various surfaces such as wood and metal. If you’re looking for an pineapple CAD block for your CAD projects, you can download the DXF or DWG file.

The STP file contains the 3D version of the 2D pineapple CAD image.

All of these files are available for free download and can be used for different areas of expertise, making it easy to incorporate this artistic pineapple image into various software and projects. Whether you’re a graphic designer, crafter, or manufacturer, this versatile design can add a unique touch to your work.

Download free files of pineapple images.

Right click and save to free download • DXF, • SVG, • PDF, • PNG, • CDR, • DWG, • STEP files.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

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