Ornamental geometric lotus mandala vector design. Free dxf and png files.

The Geometric Lotus Mandala Vector design is a unique piece of art that combines the sacredness of the lotus flower and the precision of geometry. This design was created with a single aim in mind: to create a beautiful and functional decorative object that could be used as a focus object during yoga and meditation. The design is based on the equal geometric distribution of mandala leaves around a central point, with a beautiful pattern being added around the circumference of the resulting circle.

The sacred lotus flower holds deep symbolic meaning that has been cherished by civilizations for thousands of years. It is believed that the sacred lotus flower embodies all of the universe’s geometry, making it an ideal form for use in this design. By utilizing the form of the lotus flower, the designers of the Geometric Lotus Mandala Vector design aimed to tap into its spiritual energy and create a design that was suitable for a variety of purposes.

To make the Geometric Lotus Mandala Vector design accessible for a wide range of use cases, the design was published in seven different file formats: SVG, PNG, DXF, PDF, DWG, CDR, and STL. All of these files can be downloaded for free from this page, making it easy for you to use the design in your own projects.

The PNG file contains a high-resolution, transparent black and white image of the mandala design. The spaces between the geometric patterns and the background are transparent, making it a high-quality file for graphic and print projects. The SVG vector file can be used as a cutting file for craft machines like Cricut, allowing you to create your own physical mandala design with various materials.

The DXF file is compatible with CNC routers, laser cutters, and plasma cutters, making it possible for you to engrave the design on different surfaces. You can obtain the decorative object of the geometric mandala image by cutting materials such as wood and metal.

The DWG file contains the CAD drawing of the geometric mandala, making it suitable for use in CAD projects as a CAD block file. The PDF file contains a printable outline template of the mandala design, allowing you to use it as a craft, cut-out, or coloring page. Simply download the PDF file, print it, and use it in your DIY mandala needs.

The Geometric Lotus Mandala Vector design is a beautiful and versatile piece of art that can be used in a variety of ways. Whether you’re looking for a focus object during meditation and yoga, a graphic vector file for your next project, or a craft project, this amazing design has something to offer. With its spiritual significance and precise geometric form, the Geometric Lotus Mandala Vector design is a true masterpiece of sacred geometry.

Geometric Lotus Mandala Wood Outline Cut Out Template

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