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Horse Silhouette Vector and free DXF Files

If you are looking for horse clipart vectors, these designs are definitely just for you. Download for free horse silhouette graphic files that consisting of 4 different drawings.

There is no other creature that influences the development of humanity as much as horses. Thanks to the taming of the horses, there have been great advances in communication and transportation. Thanks to them, distances have become closer and global change has accelerated. It is believed that the horses were tamed in the steppes that spread from Ukraine to Kazakhstan 7,000 years ago. From this first ride to the present day, they both served us in many areas and became very good friends with us.

The contributions of horses to the progress of humanity are so much that we can never thank them much enough. By our ancestors taming the horse they began to move at speeds that could be considered very high compared to a human. They also controlled this speed with the invention of equestrian equipment such as saddle and stirrup. This speed has increased relationships and trade between people and their culture. The increase in trade causes an increase in cooperation and information exchange. As the circulation speed of information increased, the speed of development of humanity as well increased. Here is the answer to why native human cultures on new continents are not as advanced as old continents such as Europe and Asia. Because there were no horses on those continents.

Our loyal friends, horses, have increased the sense of freedom and strength in humans along with the speed of horses. This feeling is also reflected in symbolism. The horse symbol has been used most often to symbolize the meaning of freedom, strength, loyalty and grace. In spiritual symbolism, the horse often symbolized the nature of the human body. Especially in classical period sculptures horse and cavalry depictions draws attention. In these depictions, the horse depicts the nature of the human body and the cavalry depicts the human spirit and will. Dogs that attacking the horse which rider rides depict the devil. Horseshoe, one of the frequently used symbols, is believed that it brings good luck. A horseshoe was hung over the door of my grandfather’s house to always bring good luck.

In this project, we have not forgotten the most noble animal friend of man. We have drawn horse silhouette vectors that consisting of four different images. The EPS file is a horse clipart vector file. You can open and scale it with software such as Adobe illustrator and Corel Draw. At Dxf and dwg files are 2D CAD based files. Dxf, dwg, svg and cdr files can also be used as digital cutting files. No drawing on our website has been created automatically with software. We draw all the designs in these files by using different software and drawing tablets with long efforts. So all of our files, whether industrial cnc plasma cutting machines or DIY craft machines such as cricut, work smoothly in all of them.

If you are looking for a transparent HD horse png file for your graphic work, you can download it for free. You should download the printable pdf file for the outline horse template file.

Download free horse vector image files.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

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