House silhouette clipart vector images. Black and white house graphics.

Vector collection of silhouette house images. Transparent house graphic illustrations that can also be used as icons. Files of these images can be printed and cut out.

Houses are our living spaces. These are structures that we share life with our loved ones. Wherever we go, whether we are in the daily cycle or in the long-term holiday plans, we return to our houses eventually. Houses are where we feel most secure and peaceful. Here our own rules apply to which others cannot intervene. We say goodbye to our previous day then wake up and say hello to the new one mostly here.

House symbolism is often associated with the closed and protected mother’s womb. Houses represent areas where we are protected from the norms of the heartless modern public space that limit our freedom. This space is our private universe, where we separate our private world from the public sphere with our family.

The house form is one of the most frequently used ones in the projects we prepare for our loved ones. This form symbolizes our strong ties with our family. Undoubtedly, the paintings we draw most as a child are outline house pictures. In these pictures, we used to draw mother, father and child stick figures. We used to paint these outline pictures with different colors. This meant in its purest form that the most valuable thing in a person’s life is family. We have grown up, but the value of this symbol for us has never decreased. Now, in this project, we have prepared a vector package consisting of different house silhouettes.

You can use these silhouette 2D house drawings to make sticker, scrapbook, icon, rubber stamp templates, craft, graphic and stencils. We have published our design in eight different file formats. If you are looking for CAD file of house drawings, you can download DXF and DWG files for free. You can download the svg file for use on digital cutting machines such as Cricut. EPS, PNG, CDR files are files required for graphics or vector software. The PDF file is printable outline house templates.

When drawing these house vector illustrations, we aimed that they are suitable for different skills. We hope that this goal has been achieved.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

House SVG graphic file. House cut file for cricut and silhouette cameo.
Printable simple house outline template. House cut out PDF pattern drawings.
2D Laser Cut House Shapes
2d House Autocad CAD Block Dwg File