Carousel Laser Cut Toy Project İdeas

8 horse Carousel Dxf Plan for Laser cut machines. Free merry go round 3D wood toy template to be used as toy or decorative object..

The carousel game is a type of entertainment consisting of a rotating circular platform with seats for riders. They are one of the kids’ favorite games in the amusement parks. These are cute, fun and secure platforms for kids. Children who ride on figures like horses, airplanes, elephants, cars, etc. on carousels have a lot of fun in these figures. In addition to being a game platform for children, merry-go-rounds are often used as toys and decorative objects. Especially those with music are fun for people of all ages. The musical carousel is nostalgic for adults as well as fun for children. In this project, we have drawn this cute platform for you…

This toy template whose dxf plan we prepared for laser cuts is a circular platform with 8 horses. You can download the free digital cutting files and cut the parts of the project in 2 dimensions on Co2 CNC laser cutting machines. You can then combine these 2D parts to get a 3D laser cutting product. If this project is to be presented to children as toys, it will be more appropriate not to combine the parts. Thus, children will use this gift as laser cut puzzle toy, too. Puzzle toys are fun for children and good for their development. If you are going to use as a puzzle, it will be better to use plywood material for the toy. Plywood is both durable and chic.

If you are going to use this DXF plan as a decorative object, you can prefer mdf or wood material. Thus you can paint your carousel to different colors and give a more decorative look.

Download free carousel dxf toy plan for Co2 laser cutting machines.

Right click and save to free download • DXF, • CDR, • SVG, • PDF, • DWG, • PNG and • STL files.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

Dimensions of laser cut carousel toy template:

Width : 182 mm (7,165 inches)
Height: 184 mm (7,244 inches)
Depth: 182 mm (7,165 inches)
Thickness: 3,2 mm (1,26 inches)

Laser Cut Carousel Dxf Plan Wooden Toy Template