Laser Cut Model Plane Free Project Plan

An airplane project for laser cutting machines whose files you can download for free. Aeronca L-3 3D Puzzle DXF airplane plan for laser cutters.

Flying is definitely a passion for people. We envy birds for flying. We want to rise to the sky like them. This passion has become real with the invention of the airplane. Airplane objects may also be a symbol of this enthusiasm.

In this project of ours, we have designed an aircraft model to be produced in laser cutting machines. We preferred the Aeronca L-3 as a model. 1941 Aeronca L-3 is an observation and liaison airplane used by the U.S.A. We drafted this airplane plan in the framework of the technical possibilities of the wooden material and the laser cutting machine. We tried to stick to the real outlook.

When the project is over, a nice 3D puzzle plane was there. Those with models hobby will like this kit. Our plane has no engine and no RC control. But it may be a beautiful wooden model object.

Laser Cut 3d Toy Model Project File

A toy 3D puzzle can be good for children. Child development specialists always recommend puzzle and lego toys. This toy will be useful for children’s intelligence, hand-eye coordination, and muscle development.

To cut your model in laser cutting machines, you can choose materials like wood, plywood, mdf, balsa or acrylic. You can paint wood materials into your favorite colors. If children will use this puzzle set, please prefer water-based paints. None of us would like to bring our children together with harmful chemicals.

You can open the project’s free dxf file in programs such as AutoCAD and DraftSight. You can make the changes you want on the plan with these or similar CAD software.

Download Your Free Laser Cut Plan for a Model Plane

Ignite your creativity and skills with our free downloadable Aeronca L-3 3D puzzle airplane plan, tailored for laser cutting enthusiasts and model hobbyists. This DIY project combines historical appreciation with the thrill of personal craftsmanship. Whether you’re aiming to replicate the iconic 1941 Aeronca L-3 observation airplane or seeking a fun educational tool, this design is perfect for you. The DXF file is optimized for various materials like wood, plywood, MDF, balsa, or acrylic, allowing for a customizable crafting experience. Ideal for both adults and children, it offers a great way to develop technical skills and an understanding of aerodynamics. Download your free plan today, bring this classic aircraft to life, and watch your engineering and artistic skills soar to new heights!

Right click and save to free download • DXF, • SVG, • PDF, • PNG, • CDR and • DWG files.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

Dimensions of the Laser Cut Airplane Template:

  • Height: 8.4 cm (3.31 inches)
  • Width: 42 cm (16.54 inches)
  • Depth: 26.9 cm (10.59 inches)
  • Thickness: 3 mm (0.1181 inches)
Laser cut model plane 3d puzzle dxf template free download. Laser cut airplane plans free.