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4 different Ornament and Coaster designs made of geometric and floral patterns. These circle designs can be used to make wood coasters with ornament vector or laser cutting machines.

The first design has been drawn by the geometric arrangement of circular patterns. The second one is a geometric floral pattern. The third template has been inspired by floral lace motifs. The fourth pattern is the symbol of geometric flower of life.

These templates were drawn with CAD programs in the first step. They were then saved in the dxf format. That’s why the designs are smooth. With programs such as Illustrator and CorelDraw, PNG-based files can be automatically converted to the dxf format. The number of curves in the cut files created by this method is very high. This will result in the roughness of your segments. Cutting with these files is likely to damage CNC-based cutting machines. The greater the number of curves, the more work your servo or stepper motor will do. Since our designs are drawn by hand, the lines are smooth and have a minimum number of curves. The dxf file was then converted to vector files.

You can make 4 different coasters with this project. You can use materials such as wood, plywood, mdf for your laser cutting machines. This will provide a rustic look. You can put your cups on them while drinking coffee or some other drink, and sip your drinks with pleasure. We expect these patterns will be a great idea for a laser cut coaster.

For your graphic projects, you can download svg, eps and cdr files we converted from dxf file format for free. If you’re looking for a circle ornament vector, these can be great ideas.

Download free circle coaster-ornamet vectors for laser cutter.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

Laser Cut Wood Coaster Cutout Patterns