Free dxf, png and cdr designs of circle coasters for laser cutting

If you’re looking for unique and intricate circular drink coaster or ornament designs, the Laser Cut Vector Circle Coaster-Ornament Free DXF Designs package might be just what you need. This package includes four different circle designs with geometric floral patterns that can be used to create coasters or round ornaments for various purposes.

The first design features circular patterns arranged in a geometric style, while the second design showcases a lotus flower within the circle. The third design is lace-like with floral motifs inside, and the fourth design showcases the flower of life inside a circle.

These designs are available in seven different file formats, including DXF, SVG, PNG, PDF, CDR, DWG, and STL. The DXF file is a vector-based file that can be used as a cutting file on CNC-based laser, router, and plasma cutters. You can download this file for free from the page to create circular coasters from metal or wood on these machines.

The SVG file contains infinitely scalable vector files that can also be used as a cutting file to create drink coasters or round ornaments from materials such as paper, felt, cardstock, and leather on craft machines such as Cricut. Meanwhile, the PNG file contains transparent graphics of these coaster-ornament images in high definition resolution.

The printable PDF file contains outline templates of these coaster designs, making it perfect for those who are looking for line art patterns for geometric circle coaster-ornaments. The DWG file, on the other hand, is a CAD file that can be used as a CAD block in 2D CAD software such as AutoCAD. It can also be converted to other file formats suitable for CNC-based machines in vector software such as CorelDraw and Illustrator.

Lastly, the STL file contains 3D CAD drawings of these coaster-ornament designs that can be used on 3D printers. All of these designs are hand-drawn to ensure that they are smooth and easy to use on cutting machines. This will have a positive impact on the lifespan of your machine, as smoother lines and curves will result in less strain on the machine’s motors and parts.

Laser Cut Wooden Coaster Cut out Patterns

Download free circle coaster-ornamet vectors for laser cutter.

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Printable circle coaster outline templates. Round ortament cut out patterns.
Wooden Round Coaster Designs for Laser Cutting
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Circle Ornament Coaster DWG CAD Block Files