Project Description

Hanging Pendant Light Fixture Design for Laser Cut

The Pendant Light Project for laser cutters that you can do by cutting plate materials such as Wood, MDF, Plywood and Acrylic. The cutting files of modern Laser Cut Chandelier design for ceiling decoration you can download free.

The advantage of Hanging Pendant Lights is that you can adjust the length of your lighting by changing the length of the electric cable according to your ceiling height. In this way, you can adjust the most appropriate light height for ideal lighting. Your ceiling height does not matter if you have liked this wooden chandelier design. The only thing you need to do is to change the length of the electric cable. Insert a light bulb in the power that can meet the desired brightness level. Enjoy this modern and decorative Laser Cut Ceiling Lamp

Although this design is planned as a modern lighting that can be used in areas such as home, cafes, office and fast food, you can also use it as a Wood industrial pendant lighting by reducing the number of wings in the design. You can redesign the number of wings 18 in this design using 12 or fewer for industrial uses. You will need to use CAD software for laser cutting machines or some vector-based drawing software.

There are 20 units of 2D parts with 4mm thickness in this chandelier design project. After combining these parts, add the bulb, lamp holder, electrical cable and cover plate of your pendant light and complete your chandelier. You can download free laser cut files to make this Pendant Light Fixtures from our page. Usually, according to the software you use, the DXF or CDR file will meet your needs. Machines with laser tubes under 60W might be insufficient for this Co2 cutter project. I would recommend using 60W and above CO2 laser cutting machine to cut 4 mm MDF and Plywood plates.

Lighting products prepared with laser cutters are the most profitable laser cutting products for industrial laser cutting machine owners. We frequently publish projects on our website to be inspired by the laser cut industry.  If you like this lighting design, you can find more, great ceiling lighting designs like this in our “Free Project” category.

Free Download Design to Make a Chandelier Lighting.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

Design size for laser cut wood chandelier light

Lamp Height: 31 Cm (15,2 inch)
Width: 37,3 Cm (12,2 inch)
Thickness: 4 mm (0,157 inches)

Wood Pendant Light Project For Co2 Laser Cutter