Earring Cdr-Dfx Designs Files for Laser Cut

9 different earring templates consisting of various geometric and cute shapes. You can make wonderful laser cut jewelery using these designs.

Wooden earrings are lighter than metal ones. Therefore, ladies may prefer wooden earrings on some days. The laser cut jewelry looks very nice with their rustic look.

Laser cutting systems can cut materials of different thicknesses and create complex shapes. They can cut the same patterns repeatedly with the same precision. This gives us advantage in making jewelry. Additionally, you can make the edges darker or lighter by changing the power, speed and frequency settings. This will add an aesthetic appeal to your earrings in harmony with the color tone of the material you use.

Co2 Laser cutting systems are simple and powerful tools for making jewelry. Jevelry are usually made of thin materials. This means working with tubes in lower wattages thus lower costs. Laser jewelry is a trend that is becoming widespread. You can sell your jewelry on online shopping websites like Etsy. These templates are intended for personal use only. But, like our other free designs, they are designed to inspire people who make productions with laser cutting machines. Using a CAD software such as Autocad, Draftsight or a vector software such as Corel Draw and Inkscape, you can create great designs, too. First, you will need to do some practice. Then you will discover how easy and cheap it is to design for laser cutting machines.

Laser Cut Jewelry Wooden Earrings Template

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