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Batman Wall Shelf Laser Cutting Project Ideas

Batman Wall Shelf CNC Laser Cut Project Idea

Free laser cut CNC wall shelf or bookshelf plan for batman’s loyal fans. An easy wall rack project idea that you can put into practice by cutting 6 mm thick wood, mdf, plywood and balsa materials with laser cutters.

Batman is a superhero created by DC Comics. Our hero is Bruce Wayne, a wealthy gentleman who lives in Gotham City in real life.  To fight the criminals, he appears as Batman at night in his bat mask and cloak, instilling fear into the hearts of them.

He is not known for his supernatural powers like other superheroes, instead he is known for his intelligence and human powers. Thanks to this feature, he is the most beloved superhero in the whole world.

In this project, I have designed a wall shelf for Batman fans that can also be cut in CNC-based laser cutters. I am also a Batman fan and this design is one of my first 3D drawings I made years ago. The Batman silhouette I have used in this design is not the original Batman signal. This is because the signal in this design is wider, so it is more suitable for making a wall shelf. Thus, you can display more objects on it.

The design consists of 3 parts and its width is 40 cm. My purpose was to display Batman legos and little toys on the wall in a decorative way while preparing this project. If you are going to display larger objects on this shelf, you can scale the design to larger sizes with 2D CAD software such as Autocad or vector software such as Corel Draw. If you want to make a Batman Wall Bookshelf, you may need to scale the design larger.

This design was prepared primarily for making a Batman wall shelf in laser cutters. Dxf, dwg, cdr and svg files are digital cut files created for this purpose. Also, the pdf file is a cut out template file. After printing this file, you can use it as a template and cut this design manually with machines such as scroll saw, jigsaw or Dremel. If you are looking for an easy woodworking template to make a DIY wooden wall shelf, the pdf file is what you need. After you cut the 2D pieces of your DIY Batman wall shelf, assemble them. After painting it in the colors you want, you can hang it on your wall as a decorative object or give it as a present to the people you love.

Free download design to make a laser cutting Batman wall shelf.

Right click and save to free download • DWG, • DXF, • PDF, • SVG, • EPS, • CDR, • STL, • PNG files.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

Batman logo wood wall shelf pattern dimensions.

Height: 25 Cm (9.8 inch)
Width: 40 Cm (15.7 inch)
Depth: 10.6 Cm (4.21inches)
Thickness: 6 mm (0.2362 inches)

Laser Cut CNC Batman Wall Shelf Plan
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