Project Description

Laser Cut Free Download Wooden Pendant Light Shades

Pendant light shade project for laser wood cutters. If you are looking for a free hanging lamp drawing for ceiling lighting, this lighting idea may be for you. This wooden light with leaf pattern will add a unique flair to your ceilings.

With its capacity to change the mood of a room or interior, lighting has the power to add just the right amount of charm to your room.

Just as it changes the mood of a room, lighting can also change the perceived size of a room. The complement to the decor combination, which consists of furniture, ornate walls, paintings, sculptures and many more, is undoubtedly lighting. Considering these capacities of light, we should give the importance it deserves to lighting in our rooms.

Lamp and lampshade manufacturers, who set the lighting trends today, often prefer laser cutting machines to produce high quality lighting products.Co2 Laser cutting machines are used in the processing of non-metallic materials such as wood, mdf, plywood, paper, acrylic, leather, plastic and glass when you use a laser tube with optimal power for the thickness of the plate you are using.

The processing speed of laser cutting machines is very high, 0-40000 mm/min. In this way, when used with laser tubes of optimal watt, you can produce chandeliers in series from plates of different thickness. A CNC laser cutter basically cuts without touching the materials with its movement in 2 axes, so the edges it cuts are smooth. Laser cutters are indispensable machines to produce quality and fast lighting products while preserving the originality of a lighting design.

In this project, we drew wooden hanging laser cut lamp shade that you can make on laser cutters for small rooms and restaurants. You can cut 2d parts of this design from 4mm thick wood, plywood, mdf and corrugated boards. The leaf patterns on the lamp are not only pleasing to the eye, but also provide a pleasant reflection of shadows on the wall when the light bulb is lit.

If you like this and our other lamp projects and you don’t have a laser cutting machine, don’t worry. You can cut this design from any material you want, for a fee, to laser cutting companies in your area. Alternatively, you can find many online laser cutting and engraving services on the Internet. You can find some of them by clicking here.

If you do not have enough experience and knowledge for installation, please seek help from a qualified electrician and make sure the bulbs do not exceed 40W.The safest and most efficient bulbs for wooden lighting are led ones.

Download free laser cut wooden pendant light design.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

Laser cut lamp project dimensions:

Width: 15 cm x 14 cm (5,9 x  5,5 inch)
Height: 26 cm (10,2 inch)
Thickness: 4 mm (0,157 inches)

Laser Cut Wooden Pendant Light Shades DXF files Download