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Leaves Silhouette Vector Designs And Clipart Images

Free leaves vector design collection with 12 different silhouette leaf shapes in. A cuttable and printable file package consisting of drawings of leaves graphics images…

Leaves are both ornaments and lungs of plants. Plants breathe thanks to them. They give the carbon dioxide they breathe back into the air as oxygen, so they also produce the oxygen necessary for our survival. It is unthinkable for humans and other living beings to exist without plants, and especially the leaves of plants.

Physiologically important for humans, leaves are also emotionally important for most of us in different seasons. After the cold winter days, the green leaves of the trees tell us the good news of the spring. It makes people happy to feel that the cold and dry winter days are behind and sunny days will follow. With the arrival of spring, the leaves decorate the nature and cities with their different shapes and colors. As these ornaments sprout, the sounds of birds and the flying of butterflies accompany the new season. With the arrival of hot summer days after spring, green leaves become our covers and we cool off under their shade. Who wouldn’t like sitting in the shade of the leaves on a hot summer day and cool off with a cold drink?

After all these positive emotional effects, with the arrival of autumn, the yellowing and falling leaves can invite us to romance. Leaves that have dried and fallen make us feel that sunny and bright days will be left behind. Who knows, maybe they symbolize the end of a romantic relationship that was so beautiful. If you take a dry leaf from your ex partner, it may also symbolize his/her regret.

In this project, we have prepared a wonderful vector collection of leaves again. There are 12 different leaf images in this collection of leaves vector designs. Eight different file formats published according to their intended use are cuttable and printable.

The EPD, PNG and SVG file formats that you can download for free are graphic silhouette files. You can use them as clipart in your graphic projects. DXF, CDR and DWG files are CAD drawings. You can open them with 2D CAD software such as AutoCAD. You can download these files for leaf laser cut pattern and use DXF, CDR and DWG files as cutting files in different cutting machines such as laser cutter and Cricut. The PDF file is a printable leaves outline template file. You can send simple printable leaf shapes in this file to your printer and get outline cutting patterns for craft. Click for the previous package of leaf silhouettes.

Download free leaf design clip art vector files.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

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