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Lotus Mandala Vector Art Pattern Files

Free lotus mandala vector pattern. Free eps, dxf, pmg files.

Printable and cuttable beautiful floral lotus mandala art design. This circle mandala drawing can be a decorative wall art idea. You can download the dxf, dwg, eps, pdf, svg, black and white png and stl files that you need for free. You can craft many projects with this vector, graphic and cad files.

It is believed that lotus flower and mandala formed shapes have positive energy. These symbols are used in meditation rooms to take the advantage of this energy in religions originated India. Also, this symbol can be engraved to different objects. In this way, you can benefit from this object by carrying it on yourself.

Circle Flower Mandala Colorful EPS Graphic Design Image

Mandala should not just associate with India. This form can be seen in different shapes in different areas. Its trace was found on cave walls which date back to 40 thousand years ago. We also see mandala in many worship places which are known to be sacred. You can find mandala forms engraved in many old churches and mosques. This symbol is also found in many handicrafts in different cultures. You can often see it on many handmade products such as authentic laces, carpets, rugs.

Mandala effects our spiritual relaxation and inner peace in a positive way. You can feel relaxed while painting or drawing any mandala. Also, the mandala is a shape which refers to macro and micro cosmos. Working on a mandala or looking at it can help us to get closer to the whole. This may be the reason why mandala provides relaxation to us.

Free dxf, dwg, stl files of this design is compatible with CNC-based cutting machines. You can have metal wall art decoration object by using these files on CNC metal plasma cutters. You can cut wood materials by using it on laser cutting machines and CNC routers. You can perform engraving with this design on these materials. 2D Cad software will be enough such as AutoCAD in order to edit the dxf and dwg files. If you want a 3D mandala design then download the stl file.

You have to download mandala PDF file for coloring page and crafting. You can find a painted mandala sample in the following. This may give you some inspiration for painting. You can download eps, svg and png files for the graphics projects. Black and white png file is transparent and high resolution.

Download free mandala mandala art vector pattern files.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

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