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Anchor Rudder Symbol Vector Art

What Is the Meaning of Anchor Symbol?

The anchor is used to prevent the ships to drag due to flow, wind, and waves. This hook-tipped design holds the sea floor. It has a vital importance for the safety of the sailors and not to drag. It is known that anchors are being used by the Sumerians around 2000 – 2500 BC. In past times, the anchor used to be a symbol used mainly by sailors. However since anchor symbol is quite aesthetic and loaded with meaning, it is being used by many people today.

  • This symbol represents the determined, powerful, reliable and faithful people.
  • Also, this symbol expresses a strong commitment to a philosophy and way of life.
  • This symbol represents the powerful feelings, finding the love you are looking for, permanent and secure relationship in love.

Those who want stability in their lives, looking for a great relationship and want to make correct decisions can take the advantage of the energy of this form.

What Is the Meaning of Rudder Symbol?

Rudder symbol symbolizes the people who keep the flow of life and control of fate in their hands. The voyage of a man in life is similar to the voyage of a ship. Sometimes there may be storms, waves, and flows. And sometimes it may be silent and safe. The rudder is the decisions we make and our will. While we are on the voyage in the life sea we should not leave the rudder alone. We should not allow our fate and the options we choose to be directed by the flow of the sea.

Those who don’t want to lose the control of their lives, looking for a direction, want to make right decisions and change their fate freely can benefit from the energy of this form.

Wooden Anchor Rudder Scroll Saw PDF Template

Meaning of Using Anchor and Rudder Symbols Together

When anchor and rudder symbols are used together, they represent to be happy due to the strong bound you have and happy bounds are preferred with free will. It symbolizes the fact that the purpose is achieved consciously and freely. It refers to be determined in order to continue the happiness.

Free printable and cuttable files of this set includes 4 different anchors and rudders. These drawings have basic drawing features such as vector, stencil, silhouette, cad drawing, cut out, clipart. You can download the free dwg, dxf, png, svg, pdf, eps and stl files of the designs.

Download free anchor vector, printable template and CAD files.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

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