Dream Catcher Silhouette Vector Design.

Our site is excited to offer a unique and beautiful dream catcher vector design for your use. This design features a geometric lotus flower symbol in the middle of a web, with three smaller dream catchers made of the flower of life symbol. These elements come together to create a truly eye-catching and enchanting image.

What is Dream Catcher?

Native American Dream Catcher is the sacred symbol of some Native American cultures. Dream catchers are in the circle form. This authentic circle form is usually made of willow tree branch. The ropes inside of the circle are looped in the form of a spider web. The feathers are located at the bottom. There are also beads on this charm.

History and Origin of Dream Catcher:

It is believed that the origin of the dream catcher dates back to the Ojibwa Chippewa tribe, who reside in Canada and the United States. This charm is also widely available in the culture of the Lakota tribe, who reside in North and South Dakota.

What is the Meaning of Dream Catcher? How Does It Work?

According to the natives, the night is full of both good and evil spirits. Good spirits bring good dreams while bad spirits bring nightmares. The web in the middle of the dream catcher catches the dreams provided by the evil spirits. All the nightmares trapped during the night would disappear by being burned in the morning sun. Beautiful dreams reach us by descending from the feathers under the dream catcher. Having good dreams allow us to wake up refreshed. Especially since babies are weak, these charms used to hang over the cradles of them.

Downloading and Using the Dream Catcher Vector Design:

You can download vector, template and CAD drawings of this dream catcher design for free in png, svg, dxf, dwg, pdf, cdr, and stl file formats from this page. The png graphic image file of the black and white dream catcher design is transparent and 300 dpi high resolution (HD). Precision cutting machines such as Cricut and laser cutters can make cuts with excellent precision. The SVG file can be used as a cut file for these machines. You can create amazing options for Craft using these machines and our dream catcher SVG file. There is a printable dream catcher template in the PDF file. This file can be used as a craft or coloring page. After you print this file, paint the dream catcher template and hang it on the wall behind your bed and use this magic form for beautiful dreams.

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Printable dream catcher template. Dream catcher outline pdf pattern.
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