Nautical Compass Rose-Laser Cut Metal Wall Art Pattern

//Nautical Compass Rose-Laser Cut Metal Wall Art Pattern
Nautical Compass Rose-Laser Cut Metal Wall Art Pattern 2017-08-04T21:39:36+00:00

Project Description

Vintage Nautical Compass Rose Laser Cut Metal Wall Art

Seafarers looked at the stars in the sky and found directions in ancient times. The stars are guards and guardians of the seafarers in the open seas. With the invention of the magnetic compass, the marines, the star symbol, are transmitted on the compass.

Nautical Compass Rose Symbolism And Its Meaning

This symbol represents safe return to home: Human is a part of an eternal whole. Its Essence is this eternity. This eternity is the real house of human. Man should not be lost in the narrow world and in the waves of the thoughts of this world. It must return to the safe eternity of its in own House.

The safe means to show the way: the human body and this world is a short stop in the endless journey of the soul. People should not forget the journey in eternity, and even in the most turbulent oceans in the world, they must go safely, without fear, without getting lost.

It is a symbol of reliability: stars and compasses never break down, they always show the right direction.

It is believed that it brings luck and protection: it is believed that this symbol safely protects the old marines from the most turbulent oceans, reaching their targets safely. It is believed that the energy of this form has brought luck to man in his life in the world and has led to the right path.

Compass Rose design dimensions for plasma laser cutting

Diameter 27 cm (10.6 inches)

This vintage nautical compass rose project is primarily designed as a cut pattern for fiber and plasma laser metal cutting machines. With this design you can make a decorative wall metal art object.

The free dxf and dwg CAD files of this design are suitable for smooth cutting wood, mdf, acrylic materials in Co2 cnc laser machines. The dxf file is compatible with png, svg file formats and cirricut and vinyl cutting machines.

From our site’s free software section, inkspace for vector files; You can also download draftshit programs for dxf files. You can scale these files to any size you want.

Also use vector files as clipart. Using the SVG image file, with this protective motive vector, you can print on a shirt.

Compass Art Plasma Laser Metal Art Cutting Design

Download free cutting files to make a vintage nautical compass rose

  • Download free Nautical Compass • dwg, • dxf, • eps, • svg, • pdf, • png, • stl files.

  • This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

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