Transparent Peacock silhouette vector designs. Peacock clip art black and white in PNG, EPS and DXF graphic files.

Artistic vector images of peacocks are admired for their beauty and grace. Peacock black and white clip art designs can be used as a stencil. You can download the vector, printable template, and CAD files of these images free of charge from this page.

Peacocks are pheasant species known for their large iridescent tail feathers that open like a fan. The flamboyant blue-green-yellow tail feathers have fascinating eyespots. The crest feathers adorn the head like a crown, adding a seductive beauty to them. Although their homeland is India, you can find peacocks in zoos, hobby farms, & ranches in the United States and Europe. They have always been a symbol of elegance in all cultures.

About Peacock Silhouette Vector Design Files

In this project, we drew artistic vector designs of peacocks, which are breathtaking birds with their ornate feathers. We have released these silhouette vector images in eight different file formats to meet your download purpose.

SVG, EPS and PNG files are peacock vector graphic files. You can use the free SVG design file both as a scalable vector file and as a cutting file on Cricut, vinyl, decal, and CNC-based cutting machines. The transparent PNG file is a high-resolution black and white peacock clip art file. You can run the PNG file in pixel-based image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop. The Peacock EPS vector file is the industry standard for professional printing. You can create high-resolution prints with this file. You can run this file in a vector graphics editor such as Adobe Illustrator.

PDF and CDR files are peacock template files with outline drawings. A CDR file is a compressed and encoded digital vector file that can be opened and edited in software such as Corel Draw. This file contains peacock line art drawings. You can color these drawings with the appropriate software. We also drew the CDR file compatible with laser cutters. This file is also suitable for cutting, engraving, and burning on CNC-based machines. The PDF file is a printable peacock template file. After printing this file on your printer, you can use these outline peacock designs as a coloring page, craft template, stencil template, or wood-burning template.

There are peacock CAD drawings in DXF and DWG files. You can download these files if you are looking for a peacock CAD block file for CAD software like AutoCAD. DXF and DWG files are compatible with CNC routers and laser cutting machines. Since we draw these CAD files by hand using the proper techniques, you can safely use them on your digital cutting machines.

Download free peacock vector image files.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

Printable Peacock Outline Templates
Wooden Peacock Designs for Laser Cutting
Peacock svg cutting file for cricut. Peacock graphic vector images.
Peacock DWG 2D CAD block file for Autocad