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The homeland of pineapple is South America. On the second trip of Christopher Columbus in 1493, he met them on the island of Leeward Guadeloupe. They named this fruit Piña de Indes, which means “Indian pine” because it resembles a pine cone. Columbus and his company liked this delicious, exotic, nice-looking fruit and decided to take it home. However, a ripe pineapple could only last a month without rotting. The journey back to Spain was very long and only 1 pineapple was able to withstand this journey. They presented him to King Ferdinand, their sponsor. After that day, pineapples became famous in Europe. In the following years, its production began in Europe.

Growing pineapples in Europe was very costly back in those days. It required tremendous amount of labor and equipment costs. Growing a pineapple costed about $ 8000 in today’s money. The pineapples, served as an expensive dessert to guests, have become a symbol of tolerance, generosity and wealth. Pineapple forms have been used frequently in architecture, tablecloths, bedspreads, candlesticks, napkins and sculptures after this era.

The arrangement of the spines on the surface of a pineapple is a template of a fibonacci sequence. It is a mathematical attraction. Because of this feature, it deserves to be blessed by mathematicians.

The meaning of pineapple in symbolism is usually hospitality, welcome, good joy, warmth and celebration.

In this project, we have 3 different pineapple images that you can use as stencils. Since we draw these images by hand, the drawing lines are smooth. You can use cut files such as svg, dxf in craft cutting machines with no problem. If you are looking for pineapple black and white silhouette vector files, you should download files such as eps and png. Pineapple HD png vector file is in high resolution and transparent. If you are looking for a printable outline pineapple template file, you can download the free pdf file format.

Pineapple images are often used in many projects such as party decorations, birthday invitations, crafts, stencils, tattoos, gifts, banners, fabrics, logos and art. We have published our pineapple designs in 8 different file formats for different areas of usage. We hope these pineapple ideas will inspire you.

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