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Butterflies would be the first animals that come to mind if we would be asked about the living ornaments of nature. They are often identified with flowers, which are other ornaments of nature. Together with the flowers, they bring us the good news of spring after the winter season. Seeing a butterfly after cold and dark winter days warms and makes us happy. They make us feel that we will reach the sunny days with their decorated wings.

When we examine the life cycle of butterflies, we see that they are almost symbols of rebirth. In the days when they crawl and eat leaves, they knit a cocoon for themselves and wait patiently in that cocoon to take a magnificent shape. Their crawling days are over and they fly over colourful flowers. They now feed on sweet flower essences instead of leaves. In this rebirth of butterflies, there are lessons for anyone who has had bad times to learn. We should never be desperate in the face of events. We must remember that there are times when we need to retreat to our cocoon and remember that we can continue life in a better way at the end of the days we were patient.

With these traits of theirs, butterflies are important creatures for humans as well as nature. Many flowers that fascinate us with their colours and shapes also exist thanks to butterflies. Butterflies carry the pollen of many flowers in nature to help them produce seeds. Many beauties we see in nature exist thanks to these beautiful butterflies with silent wings.

I haven’t drawn the designs of these beautiful and useful butterflies for a long time. I have prepared a new butterfly silhouette illustration collection for this project due to the great interest of the visitors to the first design. Two of these drawings are the designs in which I applied swirl flower patterns to the butterfly wings. These works, all of which are wonderful butterfly vector art examples, cost me a lot of time. All these designs were drawn in Illustration software using a digital drawing tablet and pen. Afterwards, the vectors were transferred to the CAD program and thousands of points were created manually again and cutting paths were prepared for digital cutting machines. That’s why the lines are quite smooth.

There are eight different file formats of the project that you can download for free. PNG, EPS and SVG files are vector files. Butterfly silhouette SVG file can also be used as a cutting file in digital die cutting machines. The transparent PNG file is a black and white silhouette file. If you are looking for a printable butterfly outline template file, you can download the PDF file. This is also a cut out pattern file. You need to download DXF and CDR files to use as cutting file on CNC laser cutting machines.

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Free artistic butterfly SVG graphic image file. Butterfly SVG cut file for cricut.
Printable butterfly outline templates. Butterfly cut out pattern drawings.
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