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Printable Tangram Puzzle PDF Template

Tangram Wooden Toys Plan

Printable tangram pattern for making tangrams from materials like wood, paper, plastic. PDF toy plan for making tangram puzzle from wood material. Unique puzzle shape images designed to make with 7 piece tangrams.

A Brief History of Tangram

It is believed that the tangram was invented in China thousands of years ago, but there is no clear information about the date and period when this puzzle first appeared. It came to Europe in the early 1800s via merchant ships. It spread to large masses when it began to be commercially marketed in Germany in 1891. During the years of the First World War, the interest in tangram increased in the trenches of both fronts and after that, it spread all over the world as a tangram frenzy.

What is Tangram?

Tangram is a 2D re-arrangement puzzle created by dividing a square into seven pieces. There are 7 geometric pieces in a tangram that can be arranged to create many different designs. A tangtam contains the following geometric shapes:

  • 2 large right triangles (right triangles)
  • 1 medium right triangle
  • 2 small right triangles
  • 1 small square
  • 1 parallel edge
Tangram Puzzle Shapes Images Pictures

These seven geometric pieces can be put together in an almost infinite number of different configurations to make 2D shapes. The shapes made from these parts can be geometric shapes such as triangles and squares, as well as representative images such as animals, people and plants. In the 1800s, when the tangram began to become popular, people developed more than 6500 puzzle shapes. Today, people continue to develop different shapes by putting these pieces together. You can see some of these tangram puzzle shapes in the picture below. If you are looking for puzzle ideas, the templates in these images can be great ideas to start with.

There are many different ways to play with tangrams. The simplest of these ways is to try to create your own shapes. But tangrams are traditionally considered as puzzles. First, the target shape is shown to the player and then the player tries to create the shape with the seven pieces.

Tangram puzzles played in this way have very important benefits, especially in child development. While increasing the problem-solving ability of children, one of its basic benefits is to provide their brain, eye and muscle coordination. As children perform their tasks to complete the puzzles presented to them, they recognize and make sense of basic mathematical concepts such as geometry, symmetry and space. Because of these benefits, child development experts and educators recommend using tangram puzzles in the classroom.

In this project, we have drawn 0 cm X 20 cm printable tangram template. With the templates for this project, you can DIY tangram by cutting wood, paper and plastic materials, or craftsmen can make woodwork tangrams using the detailed PDF file.

Tangram puzzle design dimensions:

Height: 20 Cm (7,9 inch)
Width: 20 Cm (7,9 inch)

Download Free Template to Make a Tangram.

Right click and save to free download • DXF, • SVG, • PDF, • PNG, • DWG, • EPS, • CDR, • STP files.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

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