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Transparent Skull Clipart Vector Images

Human skulls and punisher skull vector images that you can download for free. If you are looking for skull silhouette vector art files, these graphics are just for you.

Human skull icons are used in many areas such as graphic, tattoo, metal art, sticker, stencil and warning signs. There are so many area of utilization and the abundance of people who use this symbol may scare you. I wonder if this symbol is a terrible symbol? Or should we be afraid of people who use this symbol? On the other hand, should you be afraid of us so that we made these drawings? Let’s explain together the answers of these questions and analyze why the icon is so popular.

Skulls in movies, comics, and computer games that depict ancient times are introduced as symbols of death. Pirate flags, Aztec skull towers, skull stacks in the spaces of the underground gangs after the apocalyptic are some examples of death in cult meaning. But its real-life use basically symbolizes warning and protection. We often encounter this symbolism in nature. Poisonous spiders, bees, snakes and plants have pronounced stimulating colors that they are dangerous. These colors are a warning to other living creatures. For creatures with these colors, this also provides protection without the need to use their poisons. Based on these examples, people who use the skull symbol are not actually horrible people. Often people prefer this form for protection and to be a warning.

In this project, we drew vector art of the human skull. These are consist of crossbones, punisher skull and other skull clipart drawings. You can use these illustrations for different purposes such as sticker, tattoo template, graphic, cutting file, warning signs, metal art and vinyl cutting. You can download 8 file formats to meet different needs for free on our page. These files are skull dxf, svg, png, eps, dwg, pdf and stl files that can be printed and cut. Graphic files are transparent. In addition, skull svg, dxf, eps, cdr files can be used as digital cut files. Skull pdf is a printable outline template file.

We believe in the holiness of life. We drew these skull designs to be a protection for life and a warning sign for life-threatening elements. We hope these files meet your different needs.

Download free skull silhouette vector files.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

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