Download HD Transparent Union Jack vector files in SVG, DXF, and PNG formats. Perfect for UK-themed designs and projects!

Welcome to our collection of Union Jack vector images, featuring standard, waving, heart, circular, and star-shaped designs of the United Kingdom’s flag. We offer these Great Britain Union Flag illustrations in seven different file formats for free on this page, including SVG, PNG, CDR, PDF, DXF, CDR, DWG, and STL files. These files contain vectors, graphics, printable outline templates, CAD drawings, and digital cutting files according to their features.

History and Symbolism of the Union Jack

The current design of the Union Jack dates back to 1801, with the union of Great Britain and Ireland. As the national flag of the United Kingdom, it symbolises a combination of flags from the Kingdom of Scotland, the Kingdom of England, and the Kingdom of Ireland.

The Union Jack comprises the following crosses: St George’s Cross, the red cross on a white background representing England’s patron saint since the 1270s; St Andrew’s Cross, the white diagonal cross on a blue background representing Scotland’s patron saint; and St Patrick’s Cross, the red diagonal cross on a white background representing Ireland’s patron saint. The Welsh dragon is not present on the Union Flag because Wales joined England in 1282, and it was not a separate principality when the flag was first designed in 1606.

Dimensions and Colour Specifications

The standard dimensions of the Union Jack are 1:2, and its colour specifications are as follows:

Blue: Pantone (paper) 280 C, HEX #012169, MoD 8711D, NSN 8305.99.130.4580, CMYK, RGB 1, 33, 105 Red: Pantone (paper) 186 C, HEX #C8102E, MoD 8711, NSN 8305.99.130.4584, CMYK, RGB 200, 16, 46 White: Pantone (paper) Safe, HEX #FFFFFF, MoD 8711J, NSN 8305.99.130.4585, CMYK, RGB 255, 255, 255

The official dimensions of the Union Jack and its internal shapes can be found in the schematic diagram below:

Discover the official Union Jack dimensions and sizes for accurate flag representation.

Variety of Union Jack Designs and File Formats

In this project, we have published a total of five different Union Jack images. These United Kingdom flag illustrations include legal standard, waving, circular, heart, and hexagram flag designs.

You will find different concepts within the downloadable files we share for these images. These concepts include colourful vectors, black and white silhouette graphics, printable outline templates, 2D CAD drawings, and 3D CAD designs of the Union Jack. We will now explain which concepts can be found in which files:

Our free SVG file contains colourful vector images of the Union Jack. These high-quality files can be incorporated into your vector projects. Since the SVG format is resolution-independent and supports CMYK colour profiles for professional printing, it can be used to produce high-quality Union Jack prints for posters, banners, or flags. The SVG files are optimised for cutting machines, making them suitable for creating templates, stickers, or other craft projects featuring the Union Jack design using digital cutting machines like Cricut or Silhouette.

Our PNG file contains coloured and black-and-white silhouette graphics of the Union Jack images. The file is high-resolution (HD) and transparent, suitable for printing posters, flyers, brochures, or postcards for print projects. You can also use these graphics to incorporate Union Jack designs into custom clothing or products such as t-shirts, mugs, or phone cases through on-demand printing services. These graphics can be used in presentations, reports, or other educational materials to demonstrate historical events, cultural significance, or geography related to the United Kingdom. You can also overlay the Union Jack graphics in video projects as overlays, backgrounds, or other visual elements. To edit these graphics for various projects, change colours, or add effects, use image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, or Affinity Photo.

Our PDF file contains printable outline templates of the Union Jack. These outline templates can be used as colouring pages for children and adults to learn about and appreciate the United Kingdom flag and its significance. Use the templates for various craft projects, such as creating custom stickers, designing paper cut-outs, or sewing and embroidery projects like flags, cushions, or other decorative items. You can also create unique decorations for British-themed parties or events, like banners, table settings, or wall ornaments. Teachers can use these templates for classroom activities to teach students about the Union Jack and its history, or incorporate them into geography or cultural lessons about the United Kingdom. Woodworking or metalworking projects can also benefit from these printable outline templates as guides for creating wooden or metal Union Jack pieces like signs or wall art.

Our DWG and DXF files contain Union Jack CAD drawings, which you can use as CAD blocks in your CAD projects.

The CDR file features outline vectors of the UK flag, which you can open, colour, customise, and save in various file formats using CorelDRAW.

Lastly, our STL file contains 3D CAD drawings of the UK flag images.

Please be mindful of the cultural importance of the Union Jack when using

Download free Union Jack’s flag vector drawings.

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Download a printable Union Jack drawing template and create unique UK flag crafts and projects.
Download the Union Jack black and white silhouette vector for UK-themed designs and projects.
Download HD Transparent Union Jack vector files in SVG, DXF, and PNG formats. Perfect for UK-themed designs and projects!
Get a high-quality AutoCAD DWG file of the Union Jack UK flag for your CAD design projects.