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Free 3D Project Files for CNC Laser Cutting Machines

There are various free digital design files from 2D sized parts in this category in order to create 3D objects. These files are cuttable and printable for cnc router systems and laser cutting machines.

The designs are drawn manually in 2D cad programs. This is why they are smooth. You can craft perfect objects in cutting machines by cutting materials such as wood, metal, acrylic, and cardboard. You can paint them in the colors you like.

You can download the digital dxf, svg, cdr, eps, pdf, png, dwg and stl cut files from our page for free.

These woodworking and metalworking plans are published for our visitors to let them create something for personal use. They are not for commercial use. Please read the terms on our License Agreement page carefully. All works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Laser Cutting Wall Clock Ideas

Downloadable Laser Cut Dxf Clock Plan

Wall clock plan showing the hours, days and months for making on laser cutting machines. Free downloadable dxf decorative wall clock design. With the coming of the New Year, we realized how…

Cool Cell Phone Holders Cnc Laser Cutting Project

Laser Cut DIY Wooden Cell Phone Stand Plan

Like mobile phones, laser cutting machines are among the technological innovations that make our lives easier. In this work, we brought these two technologies together. We have drawn a cell phone stand…

Laser Cut Ceiling Lamp Design

Downloadable Laser Cutting Plywood Lamp Project

Free downloadable laser cut plywood lamp project files for ceiling lighting. A modern chandelier lighting design for working with laser cutting machines… Since our website was first published, we are trying hard…

Plywood Key Box Holder Laser Cutting Project

Plywood Key Box Holder Laser Cut Idea

Free cut files in order to make a laser cut key holder from interruptible plywood material. Classic looking wonderful key hanger idea! Losing the keys of our car or our house when…

Free Laser Cut 3D Plane Template

Laser Cut Airplane Dxf Plans Free

Dxf plan cut files that can be used laser cut toy puzzle or mdf model plane. Bring 2D parts together and make 3D wood model aircraft. MDF, plywood and acrylic material are…

Tea Table Free Cnc Project Files

Wooden Tea Table Cnc Router Project Idea

Tea table dxf cut files for 3 axis Wood Cnc router machines. Decorative table CNC Project idea with a division to store your books and newspapers. In this project, we have drawn…

Laser Cut Pen And Paper Cube Holder Idea

Pen and Paper Cube Holder Laser Cutter Idea

Pen and Paper Cube Holder Laser Cutter idea for those who have wood and acrylic laser cutter systems to be used in offices… A laser cutter is the best machine for cutting…

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You can cut the designs on our page with a laser cutting company which perform the cutting operations with an industrial laser cutter. Today, the amount of Co2 cnc laser engraving and cutting systems services have increased and the price of these systems decreased. You can buy personal cnc laser cutter for hobby purposes. If you have technical skills you can find many projects on the Internet in order to make a laser cutting machine. You can create your homemade laser cutting machine with these projects by buying required parts and equipment via the internet.

You can receive support from laser machine services and forums when you struggle. The same applies for CNC router machines. Creating a homemade cnc with the same methods has become very common today. The prices of branded cnc router machines which worth a fortune until recently decreased considerably today. The amount of cnc router services and forums on the internet which can help you have increased considerably.

Those who want to create something homemade can use these templates without the need for digital cutting machines. You can have a cut template by printing our cut file plans on printers. Craftsmen and beginners can craft beautiful things in their woodworking works from materials such as wood, acrylic, and cardboard by using tools such as the scroll saw, jigsaw, router and dremel with these templates.

Radius values are not typed in templates for the cnc router machines. This is because each cnc machinist can use cutter mills with different dimensions. Also, there is no paint margin in many designs, this is because each craftsman can use different types of paint and paint techniques. This differentiates the thickness values. You can set the values according to your own painting technique with the software on our free designs section or scrape on wood with router, dremel and sandpaper for the paint margin.

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