Free Download Design Files: Vectors, Templates, CAD & More

Free Download Design Files: Vectors, Templates, CAD & More2023-09-22T18:14:33+03:00

This category presents previews and links to our 2D design pages, which encompass vector, graphic, printable template, 2D CAD, and cutting files. Each design page contains descriptions pertinent to the design and seven different file formats (SVG, PNG, PDF, DXF, CDR, DWG, STL) available for free personal use download.

PNG files provide high-resolution, transparent raster graphics. SVG files include scalable vector representations and optimized digital cutting files of the design. PDFs offer printable outline templates of the design. DXF and DWG files can be used as CAD blocks in 2D CAD software or as cutting files for CNC-based laser cutters, plasma cutters, routers, and vinyl plotters. CDR files contain customizable line art vector drawings, and STL files are suitable for use in 3D CAD software and 3D printers.

Our website caters to a wide audience with varying design needs. Thus, we optimize and provide our designs in seven different downloadable file formats to meet these diverse user requirements.

Laser Cut CNC Wall Clock Dxf Template Files

Decorative analog wall clocks designs that you can make by cutting materials such as wood, mdf, plywood, vinyl and balsa. Printable and cuttable blank wall clock templates. Clocks are complementary

Free Crown Silhouette Vector Images

Vector design collection consisting of 9 different silhouette crown images. Free downloadable and cuttable crown vector, outline template and CAD files. Crowns are traditional head ornaments that symbolize earthly power

Circular Monogram Frame-Border Designs

Our collection stands out with four unique circular monogram frame designs, each tinged with a hint of mandala. Each frame design results from interconnected lines and shapes forming floral patterns,

Clipart Sun Silhouette Vector Art Design Files

Vector art drawings of different silhouette Sun images. Cool sun illustration designs which can also be used as cliparts. Vector, CAD and outline template files free for download. The Sun,

Butterfly Silhouette SVG Vector Designs

Graphic vector designs collection including silhouette butterfly images. Besides, printable outline butterfly PDF template… Butterflies would be the first animals that come to mind if we would be asked about

DWG & DXF Pattern Designs for CNC Cutting

Are you on the hunt for high-quality decorative 2D panel and grill designs for CNC routers? Look no further! This collection boasts a modern aesthetic featuring three unique grill

Download Free Christmas Tree Vector Cliparts

Silhouette vector illustrations of simple Christmas tree images. Xmas tree clipart graphics files with Printable and Cuttable feature. Christmas is the traditional joyful and warm celebration of cold days