Free Downloadable Vector, Pattern, Template and CAD files.

There are vector, graphic, 2D and 3D artistic drawings consisting of various categories in this section. All of these designs are cuttable and printable designs.

They can be cut with the Co2 laser, CNC router, water jet, plasma, cricut, scroll saw and vinyl cutting machines and printed on printers. Various materials such as wood, MDF, polywood, acrylic, balsa, leather, vinyl, cardboard, and paper can be made into objects with these templates. These templates can be used in many areas such as decoration, stencil, wall art, Fabric print, damask, carving, engraving, sticker, T-shirt printing, silk screen, felt cut template, jewelry pattern, ornament, Vinyl Decals, clipart vector.

As you can cut these works with laser cutting, CNC router, vinyl cutting companies, the prices of these machines are now quite cheap. The amount of the services has increased. Information exchange forums have increased on the Internet. You can design and draw your own templates by using free software. You can turn them into wonderful artworks with various materials. You can have a hobby which can develop your skills or maybe you can be a professional artist.

We publish our designs in 6 different file formats. These are the most common areas of uses which are dwg and dxf 2D CAD file formats; svg, eps and png vector file formats; pdf portable document format and stl 3D CAD file formats. In this way, craftsmen from many different industries and beginners who need DIY ideas can benefit from these designs for their own professional work.

These templates are published for the personal uses of our visitors as a result of many efforts on our part. They are not for commercial use. Please read the terms on our License Agreement page carefully. All works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


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